Gurkha Pinker

I’m reviewing the Gurhka Pinker which is a cigar made for Talk Show radio host Geoff Pinkus aka Pinker.You kind find these cigars at


Shape-Toro Gordo



Price-$10.99 ea.


Pre Light-Really nice spice and pepper smell on wrapper and foot. The appearance of this cigar is very elegant and has very large vein running from cap to foot. The wrapper has a nice light reddish color to it and zero soft spots or blemishes. Cold draw is very tight with hints of spice and sweet tobacco.

1st Third-Right away you are hit with a very nice orange citrus note and lots of woody notes. The spice is there but more dominant thru the nose. The burn has been perfect so far and draw is tight almost to tight as I am working to get smoke. Ash is very flaky.

Midway-So the draw was to tight I had to run a draw poker down the cigar upon doing so I noticed that it was extremely tight about 1 inch from cap but opened all the way down. When I did this the cigar was drawing great, producing lots of smoke. The cigar seemed to get more creamy maybe do to me not having to work so hard on the draw. Still getting the wood note as well as a nice leather note. The citrus has left but still getting that sweet spice on the retrohale. The burn tends to need lots of attention and the ash seems to be holding on now for about an inch.

Final Third-I have to say I’m disappointed at this point with the cigar and not because of flavors but the cigar exploded as you can see in picture below, I am thinking because I had such a hard draw and then running poker down it that the cigar heated up and caused this to happen. Flavors were really enjoyable with the wood notes and leather, that sweet spice remains. I will say I smoked two and the first one did not have this issue but that is the way it goes on reviews sometimes. Burn still needed attention and ash remain strong.

Conclusion-Really good flavors of citrus,wood,leather and sweet spice. The burn needed some attention and ash was little flaky. Outside of the tight draw and the explosion at the final third I really did enjoy this cigar. So if you can get your hand on these please do so and remember Enjoy Your Smokes.

3 Responses to “Gurkha Pinker”

  1. Wow, what a bummer. Hate when a cigar has a tight draw. Thanks for the review.

  2. I’m not a huge gurkha fan but it sounds like a good smoke. I think you’re right as far as the explosion the combo of draw poker and temp made it go.

  3. I had my first Pinker around when they first came out and thought they were a little harsh. After they were resting in my humi for 8 months or so, had another two and liked them, no draw problems & great flavors as Mike pointed out.

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