Padilla Miami

Size: 5×50 Robusto

Wrapper: Corojo

Binder: Criollo

Filler: Corojo & Criollo

Made in: Miami

Strength: Medium

Price: $9.80

Source: Self purchased

To avoid any misconception the cigar up for review is the new Padilla Miami that is rolled at the “Fabrica de Tobacos” in Miami as the band of the stick very clearly states and comes in limited quantities as it is a boutique cigar. The older one was made under the supervision and production of Don Pepin Garcia.

The cigar is a work of art, nice reddish-brown wrapper with minimal veins. It has a Cuban style triple cap and a beautiful redesigned band.

The construction perfect as well, it is solid packed with tobacco and no soft spots. From the wrapper I barely get a tobacco aroma and from the foot the same but sweeter. I make a straight cut, the draw is perfect and the taste I get is definitely the one of sweet molasses.

I take my time and light up with matches. The stogie starts very mild, roasted nuts at first that don’t last for long and leather notes with a hint of spice come to take their place. Going to the second third and from that point on, the stick becomes a totally different cigar. Now it’s spicier with a toasted wood aftertaste, the leather is still there and at times I even get some herbal flavors.

This Miami kept me company for 90 minutes, not bad at all for a robusto size. The whole time was filling up the room with white smoke, the dark gray ash was holding ¾ of an inch and it was solid. I made couple unnecessary corrections just because I have that complex and I want to see good cigars to burn evenly. It’s not a cheap cigar, but I don’t mind to pay a little more when a stogie deserves it.

Great flavors and perfectly balanced. This new Padilla Miami, is one of the go-to smokes. Appearance construction and flavors reminded me a lot of a Cuban cigar. If you haven’t had that cigar yet, I would suggest giving it a try.

13 Responses to “Padilla Miami”

  1. Gus another well written review and very informative. Love the way you did the pics. Keep up the great work.

  2. Great review Gus, I dig the padilla miami, as well as most of Padilla’s other smokes.

    • Thanks Matt, I like Padillas too – even the cheaper lines are great smokes. BTW congrats for the what a great idea…

  3. I buy the miami corona by the box.At $64 for for 25 of these you cant beat it.I usually get a buttered toast flavor about half way through.Which I really enjoy.Great review Gus.

  4. great review of a great cigar. 64$ seems to good to be true even for the smallest vitola. Give up the source jake, “we HUNGRY”

    • Come on guys! You know if your patient the devils site will reward you.These are going in the seventy something range right about now.They are on bid all the time but you have to bid what you want to pay and leave it alone.

    • LOL gotcha jake …. ;)

    • Thanks Jake, how about it $64 …. I paid 1/3 of that for only 2 sticks lol

  5. $70 a box right now gus.LOL

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