Padron Family 46th Anniversary

Thanks to my good friend Rob (twitter@general_griff) I am reviewing the Padron Family 46th Anniversary Maduro. It was made to celebrate Padron’s 46 years of cigar making. This cigar has a Nicaraguan binder and filler with a really nice Nicaraguan Habano Maduro wrapper. Let’s see what I thought of this fine smoke.



16 Responses to “Padron Family 46th Anniversary”

  1. hi mike nice review i agree the 45 is more enjoyable (the price in aus for a 46 is $66) which makes them a now and then smoke

  2. I smoked a 45 last year and thought it was a great cigar but I find it hard to spend that much when there are cigars out there that are just as enjoyable for less money.

  3. Mike, great review. Like you said, you can normally count on padron cigars, no matter the price range, to always have a good burn and great construction. Awesome gift!

    p.s. who won the AB New york cigars? Or did I miss the announcement? Thanks

    • I was gifted this cigar but have not smoked it yet.Should I save it for a good moment or just smoke it because its friday?

    • Smoke it now Jake to heck with waiting.

    • Big mike thanks buddy and if you click on the page for the Alec Bradley you can see who won. Have you smoke The Face yet?

    • Yep, should have gone back and checked, haha. Not yet with the face, waiting for the weather here in indy to get above 40 so I can sit outside and enjoy that bad boy to the fullest, will admit its getting awfully difficult to wait, thanks again.

  4. General_Griff Says:

    Nice review mike. It’s funny that I still haven’t even smoked the two I have. Waiting till it’s warm so I’m not in misery while smoking

  5. I will take your advise and smoke it tonight.

  6. Thanks for another honest review

  7. Hey Mike – I have not tried the 46th Anniversary Maduro. Based on your review I might try the 45 before the 46 but hopefully, one day, I will have tried both. On my 50th birthday this past January I splurged a bit and purchased the Padron 1926 80yr Anniversary Maduro. It was like smoking chocolate cream. The smoothest cigar I ever had. The flavor was excellent. Thanks for the informative review.

  8. Jake (Jakob) Says:

    Great review as usual. At this point I still can’t justify spending that amount of money on a cigar so it’s always nice to see / read an honest review such as yours on smokes in the upper echelon of the price range.

    On another note:
    Your site seems to be popular with guys with cool names like “Jake”, so to ease confusion I’ll start posting under the name “Jakob”. Hopefully that helps =)

    Keep up the great work!

    • Jake I do agree there is a lot of Jakes following my site maybe you guys have a secret society lol. Thanks as always for the support it means a lot to me.

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