Casa Fernandez Arsenio Maduro

Today we take a look at the Casa Fernandez Arsenio Maduro that I received from @cigarsource¬† on Twitter when I purchased the Illusione Candela Cigar sampler from his shop. This cigar is a Nicaraguan Puro. Let’s see what I thought of this first impression.







Pre Light- The cigar has a very dark wrapper that is perfectly packed with a very oily sheen to it. There are hardly any noticeable veins, nor blemishes. The smell from the foot reminds me of molasses and the wrapper has a strong tobacco smell. On the cold draw its very loose with a hint of molasses and licorice. There is one very small crack on the tip of cigar but it shouldnt affect the cigar since it’s where I’m going to clip it.

1st Third-Right away I’m picking up a really nice note of sweetness and leather. The burn is perfect and crisp. Draw of my Casa Fernanadez Arsenio is loose but I’m able to control the flow of smoke. Ash is a very dark gray and holding on around 1 inch. On the retrohale I’m picking up some spicy notes not over powering. When I exhale the smoke very slowly I pick up a really enjoyable coffee bean note.

Midway-Well I thought that the small crack that I had on the tip would not affect this cigar since I had to snip it anyway well I was wrong out of the blue it cracked from cap to about 1 inch down the funny part was it cracked directly on a small vein. I was able to work thru this and picked up leather with that spice note. On the retrohale I’m picking up a lot more of that coffee note and a nice hint of chocolate in the background. This cigar produces lots of fresh smoke and continues to burn perfectly. The ash still holds on well over an inch. Going great despite that crack on the tip.

Final Third-Up until this point I have been very impressed with this cigar but the crack in the cap along that vein has caused the cigar to explode and make it very difficult to smoke. Flavors remained the same as midway with the leather notes and spice. Still picked up that chocolate and coffee note as well. I will not beat this cigar up for the crack and causing the explosion at the end, because overall I really enjoyed this stick.

Conclusion- My Casa Fernadez Aresnio Maduro had really nice enjoyable flavors of leather,spice,coffee, and chocolate. The burn was perfect and so was the ash. As for the crack I realized after taken final picture that I didn’t show the explosion instead left it towards the back but you can see the end of cap and the wrapper sticking up. I would buy this cigar for sure again I feel this was a one time thing with what happen. So with that said go out and try this cigar you will enjoy it. Remember Enjoy Your Smokes.

7 Responses to “Casa Fernandez Arsenio Maduro”

  1. Sounds like a good stick Mike. I’ve always been impressed by anything casa fernandez makes, i’ll have to search this out. I missed out on the 2009 but will be sure to chase down the 2010.
    Thanks for the concise review!

    • Matt thanks for the kind words and the support you give my site. I try to always be honest and to the point with my reviews.

  2. Mike, That was cool that you simply explained the facts of the crack and didn’t dwell on it. Good cigars aren’t a dime a dozen – they’re handmade, and the wrappers are super-thin natural materials. The occasional random issue like this is to be expected.
    I’ll be looking for this cigar at my local B&M to give it a try! Thanks!

    • Mark glad you enjoyed it. I do believe it was all those factors that contributted to the cigar exploding. Thanks for the support.

  3. General_Griff Says:

    Hey Mike, nice review as always. Sounds like a good stick. Haven’t seen any of these in the local shops might have to look on-line. Keep up the good work

  4. Another solid review. Sounds like a cigar I’ll take to the golf course as soon as the weather is better.

  5. Very good review. I always have skipped over these at the local b&m. Now i will have to give these sticks a shot.

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