Mike’s Humidor Tour

So I decided today to do a humidor tour, Sorry for all the background noise but had to record when time permitted. Hope you enjoy.

20 Responses to “Mike’s Humidor Tour”

  1. Mike,
    Humidors look good and collection is great ! Definitely lots of stogies stashed away. Not a lot of CCs though. Not a big fan ?

    • Thanks jay as for the CC just hard for me to find that’s all beside most of the stuff being produce to in Nicaraugua and D.R. Is just as good if not better.

  2. Sweet collection you got there bud. Nice!!!

  3. man that is just one big orgy of cigars great collection man.

  4. Very impressive Mike. Nice collection.

  5. Oh. My. God.

    Very impressive set-ups and collection, bro. Thanks for sharing it (if only [unfortunately] through video) with us.

    • Jakob thanks for the comment, I’ve shared quite a fee of my sticks over the past year with several contest and trust me there will be lots more coming in the future.thanks for the support pal.

    • I think I know one of the contest winners ;-)

  6. Nice video Mike loved the tour.But no Padrones?Ouch.
    Great stuff Buddy,Keep it up!.

    • Jake I had some 45 and 46 Anniversary but for the most part I think there are better smokes for their Padron price so I tend to buy those. Glad you enjoy the tour.

  7. Wow that is quite a collection of smokes, very cool!

  8. Nice tour man. I love these humidor tours.

    Lots of nice sticks but it looks like you should be buying quite a few more boxes to fill that bottom area and take those ones out with only a few sticks in it ;) Get to buyin lol

  9. Nice job man. And very nice stash. best part of this hobby is going through the humidor and finding sticks you forgot about. It’s like Christmas all over again. Keep up the good work.

  10. General_Griff Says:

    Nice tour #1. I need to get a big humidor like that. Got all my stuff scattered amongst 4 or 5 humidors. It looks like u might b running out of room. So u got my address if u need to unload some stuff lol

  11. Hey, nice video. I just finished up one of those Ab 1997 Habanos that I received from that cigar contest you ran last fall. Good stick for sure, thanks again.

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