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Gran Habano Connecticut #1

Posted in Cigar Reviews on February 21, 2011 by MIKE

I decided to try a very mild stick today and change-up my palate a little bit. Today I’m smoking the Gran Habano Connecticut #1. This cigar has a Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper with a binder and filler of Habano,Nicaraguan. Take a look below and see what I thought of the Gran Habano Connecticut #1.



Wrapper-Ecuadorian Connecticut




Pre Light-My Gran Habano Connecticut #1 is very veiny with a few large size veins running from cap to foot. There are no real soft spots except about an 1/2 inch from foot but shouldn’t be an issue once I burn past that (I assume). The smell from the wrapper is just a basic tobacco smell. On the foot I’m picking up a note of sweetness. Cold draw is perfect with a really nice sweetness to it.

1st third-We start off here with a strong earthy note and hay note.The sweetness I had on the cold draw is there but more noticeable threw the nose. In the background I’m picking up a grassy note. The ash is extremely flaky and doesn’t hold on more than an 1/4 inch. Burn is wavy but manageable. So far like I said in intro a very mild stick.

Midway-The cigar has changed for the better its gotten very creamy and smooth. The hay and grass are gone which I am not a fan of having in my cigars. Picking up a slight coffee note and lot’s of cream. The earth remains but is more noticeable in the background and the sweetness is there still on the retrohale. This cigar produces lots of nice clean smoke and the burn continues to correct itself. My only issue so far is the ash very very flaky.

Final Third-The nice creamy notes have left now and are replaced with a nutty note. Earthy note has picked up again and still that sweetness remains threw the nasal. Burn continues its path of being wavy but corrects itself. Ash well what can I say FLAKY.

Conclusion- This cigar for an inexpensive cigar is really decent, not overly complex or mind-blowing but just a decent mild stick with earthy,sweetness,hay,grassy and creamy smooth notes. Now I know all those note’s together don’t sound great but of course you read the entire post and see they weren’t LOL. I would say for the price go out and give this cigar a try. Enjoy Your Smokes.


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