Room 101 – Conjura

Size: 4.75 x50 Robusto

Wrapper: Honduras (Rosado)

Binder: Honduras

Filler: Dominican Rep. & Nicaragua

Made in: Honduras

Strength: Medium-Full

Price: $9.50

Source: Self purchased

Matt Booth, is a musician, a US marine, a designer and for our own sake is the creator of the cigar line Room 101. The Conjura is his last addition to the collection and let’s take a look in what it has to offer.

This cigar has a contemporary look and feel with its box press style and the nice silver engraved bands. The dark vein-less wrapper is perfectly rolled, adding even more to the overall appearance. The only soft spots I detected were the ones around the foot but nothing to worry about. The aroma coming from the stogie was the one of sweet light tobacco. The cold draw is very loose, more than what I prefer with that same taste of tobacco I discovered above.

The Room 101 started with a blast of coffee and pepper that mellowed down towards the end of the first third. Some leather notes joined the game later, as well. The second third was pretty much the same with the only difference the addition of wood. Not cedar or something similar but sweet toasted wood that was very pleasant. Towards the end the leather picked up, along with the spice that made the cigar fuller in the body.

By far my favorite Room 101 and maybe Camacho smoke. Not complex but steady with strong and rich flavors. A creamy cigar that helps you relax with its low maintenance. It kept me company for 1 hour and not once I had to reach for my lighter or had to worry about the way it was burning. It produced a lot of white thick smoke and the ash held for almost ¾ of an inch every time.

They say, that Matt Booth is a perfectionist with everything he does and one can get this feeling from smoking his cigar. Don’t ask me if I would buy the Room 101 – Conjura again, because I already did, in fact it is the only stogie you’ll see me holding lately.

8 Responses to “Room 101 – Conjura”

  1. good work Gus, haven’t seen too many reviews of the Conjura, might have to give this a go at some point.

    • Thanks Matt, give it a try it’s a tasty cigar, and because of its looks, it will also be a great “model” for you too ;-)

  2. Gua another inform review. I havent had this yet but will give it a try now.

  3. I tried this one and really enjoyed it. It’s difficult to describe the flavor, but to me it was like a combination of honey, cocoa, and cream — full flavored medium bodied.

  4. Good review, but more than anything I want to know how you smoked that for 1 hour 40 minutes. That’s absolutely impressive.

    • Matt, thank you for taking the time to leave your very first comment at and I’m honored that it was for my review even to point out a mistake. It’s been corrected, thanks again bro.

    • Hah, sorry I didn’t even know it was a mistake. I just thought it was hilarious that you smoked that little thing for almost two hours. Ah well. Sorry!

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