Swag Infamous

I won a contest on twitter from the people at Swag Cigars and was gifted a cigar and a hat, so being the nice guy I am I decided to do a first impression on the Swag Infamous. This cigar is a Dominican Puro with all Ligero Habano Dominican tobacco.


Shape-Toro (Infamous)

Wrapper-Ligero Habano Dominican

Filler-Ligero Habano Dominican

Binder-Ligero Habano Dominican


Gifted-Swag Cigars

Pre Light-The cigar is packed very well and solid but it does have a small crack at the cap and at the foot about 1/2 inch. There are minimal veins and the wrapper has a really nice sheen to it. I’m getting no distinctive smell of the wrapper but on the foot I’m picking up a Little sweet spicy note. Cold draw is very loose with a hint of crazy as it sounds reminds me of the candy (Hot Tamales).

First Third-Nice notes of spice and some sweetness are in the fore front with a touch of leather. On the nose I’m getting a slight touch of cayeen pepper not over powering but you are able to put a good amount of smoke through the nose.The first crack I had was no issue burned right past. The burn gets wavy but it fixes its self every time. Ash is very dark and holds on for over 3/4 inch.

Midway-The cigar has changed I’m getting a nice creamy note and its gotten somewhat smooth not all that spice as earlier, not what you would expect with ligero in it. I’m still picking up the sweetness and leather but not so much of the spice. I am picking up an earthy undertone and the burn continues great my issue I see is the wrapper is basically unwinding from the midway point but I’m able to hold it together and smoke with no issues. Draw is great and burn continues to fix itself every time. So far I would say this is a nice medium stick.

Final Third-Ok so as you can tell by the pick the wrapper continues to unravel just appears it was on well but with that said has not hurt the cigar at all. The final third has the same notes as the midway point with the sweetness and leather and earthy undertones. Burn was tough because of the wrapper issue and ash holds on very strong.

Conclusion- besides the wrapper issue and that’s part of why I don’t like to do first impression because you never know what you get but they are necessary at times, this cigar was very good. I was expecting a little stronger but for me it was a good medium strength and body stick. This cigar changed up from start to midway but finished the same as midway. Go out and give this cigar a try was worth it to me and I plan on keeping in my humidor. Enjoy Your Smokes.

5 Responses to “Swag Infamous”

  1. Thanks for the review Mike, I have this in a smaller size and haven’t tried it yet. Sounds decent and i’m looking forward to giving it a go.

    • Matt it’s a decent stick for sure just was little aggravating with the wrapper coming unraveled but u deal with it. Thanks for the support as always.

  2. Nice review Mike, I’ll definitely give it a try as well.

  3. General_Griff Says:

    Good review Mike. Haven’t seen any in any of the shops around here but I’ll b on the look out to give em a try. It’s ashame about the wrapper problems

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