San Miguel by A.J. Fernandez

For your viewing pleasure today I’m smoking the San Miguel by A.J. Fernandez a CI and exclusive. This cigar is made up of Nicaraguan and Honduran long leaf from Estili /Ometepe. The wrapper is an Ecuadorian Sungrown Sumatra.

I’m giving a shout out to my good friend Matt over at the as this will be my last green screen video, after deciding that the green screen takes away from my quality of the video shoot. I want to thank all my viewers for their honesty regarding the green screen.



10 Responses to “San Miguel by A.J. Fernandez”

  1. Thanks for the should out and all the support, I appreciate it! Great first impression, I’m really digging what AJ Fernandez is doing. Many people may not realize that they’ve smoked his creations before, he also made the Padilla Habano as well as the 2008 Summer Edition, Fusion, and Signature for Rocky Patel. I’m glad to see him pushing his brand a bit more i have some of the San Lotanos from him and am looking forward to giving them a go. Keep up the good work!

    • Matt I agree he I’s making some great blends and some blends some people may not realize. Thanks as always for the support and glad you liked the shout out even though video quality sucked.

  2. General_Griff Says:

    Good review as usual Mike. I like everything AJ has been doing lately. Can’t wait to smoke one. Keep up all the hard work

  3. nice job mike! For me a honest review trumps what the background looks like. I guess people are pretty superficial these days. lol

  4. Sounds like another delicious cigar from AJ Fernandez. I find the Diesel Unholy Cocktail and Man O’ War Ruination to be very enjoyable. This one also sounds like something to try. Thanks for the review Mike.

  5. Daryl Ives Says:

    I too enjoyed this AJ smoke. It prompted me to go and buy 1 each of all the sizes available. This is definitely one I will keep on hand good for any occasion. Great review!

  6. Tim Davenport Says:

    I enjoyed your review although the “Ometepe” pronunciation had me giggling… If I were to give a suggestion, it would be to use less of the cigar clichés (“earthy,” “woody,” “leathery” — those sort of things) and more normal descriptions. Was it flavorful and was the flavor pleasing? Was it spicy and if so, what was the relative level of spiciness? The most helpful part, for me, was when you called it a “low medium” in terms of body, which had meaning with you speaking as a strong cigar fan to me, a guy who likes strong cigars.

    I agree that the green screen is probably pretty easy to lose.

    I’d suggest that you stop the camera and do a few close up shots also — label and the unlit cigar in particular. You might shoot that before you mount the camera and then edit that footage in at the appropriate interval.

    Just my first impression of your first impression video. Keep up the good work!

    • Tim thanks for checking out my site and I’m glad I made you laugh lol. As for your suggestions I always welcome my viewers ideas and sometimes I even use them but I think for now I’m going to continue doing it my way. I hope u still continue to watch. Thanks

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