Avo Lounge

Well what can I say another gifted review lol. Today I have for you a first impression of the Avo Lounge. This cigar is only available at B&M that have the AvoLounge. This cigar has a Ecuadorian Sungrown 151 wrapper with a special blend of Dominican Olor and Piloto Cubano and San Vincente tobaccos.

Let’s look below and see what my impression were of the Avo Lounge.


Wrapper-Ecuadorian 151 Sungrown

Blend-Dominican Olor&Piloto Cubano&San Vincente Tobacco’s



Pre Light-This is a really nice looking cigar. It has a very light color to the wrapper with minimal small veins.There appears to be no soft spots or blemishes.I’m picking up a nice cedar smell off the wrapper and on the foot a hint of licorice.Cold draw is perfect with a hint of sweetness.

First Third-This cigar is starting off very nicely with hint of cedar and a touch of leather. Threw the nose I’m picking up a strong cedar note.Burn is going great needing no attention at all and smoke is fresh. The ash holds on about 1/2 inch before falling off.So far its a low medium stick.

Midway-Cigar continues on burning great needing no attention. Flavor’s I’m picking up is an earthy note in the background with the cedar being the dominate note.Still getting leather and on the retrohale I’m picking up a spicy note. Ash still holding good.

Final Third-Not much has changed since the midway point still getting the earthy notes and the cedar notes. The leather is gone but the spicy pepper on the nose remains. Burn was great and the ash was strong. Still a medium body cigar.

Conclusion-The Avo Lounge is a very nice smoke that isn’t complex by any means. It has notes of earth,cedar,leather and spicy pepper. The burn is perfect from start to finish and a really enjoyable smell. Go out and give this a try even at the price point it’s worth it.Enjoy Your Smokes.

3 Responses to “Avo Lounge”

  1. Thanks for the review on this Mike, I’ve had limited experience with Avo’s bit will have to give this one a try!

  2. Hey Mike – a bit expensive but I have heard some good things about the Avo Lounge. The only Avo I have had is the Heritage which I enjoyed. Thanks for the review and suggestion.

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