Savinelli – Nicaragua Reserve

Size: 5×52 Robusto

Wrapper: Nicaragua

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Nicaragua

Made in: Nicaragua

Strength: Mild-Medium

Price: $6.80

Source: Gifted by The Cigar Lounge

The Savinelli brand is recognized worldwide for their high quality pipes. They have great craftsmanship and most importantly are affordable. To be honest I didn’t know they were making cigars until the other day when I was gifted one and I was asked for my opinion. So let’s go ahead and see what we have here.

That Nicaraguan Reserve is a slightly box-press stogie, with a reddish toothy wrapper with quite a few big veins on it. A light tobacco aroma comes from it, while from the foot I only get a sweet smell similar to molasses.

The cigar has a little give when I press it with my fingers and I also detect a few softer spots all around. The cold draw is loose and sweet to the taste.

The Savinelli is really easy to light up and starts off medium in body. A lot of deep wood flavors mixed with leather in the beginning and some spice on the finish. Not many changes going toward the midpoint. The wood and the leather are still the dominant flavors but the spice mellowed down making the stogie milder, some herbal notes are barely noticeable in the background. Unfortunately the final third treated me with harshness and bitter flavors and I had no other choice but to leave it alone.

It was going well the first 40 minutes. Not too exciting of a smoke but not a bad one either. The burn was nice and even and not once I had to reach for my lighter. It was producing a decent amount of white smoke and the light gray ash was holding almost ¾ of an inch. The price is low but I’m not sure if the value of this cigar is still good as there are many really good cigars in this level competing against it.

I will definitely give another try to the Savinelli brand but next time I’ll go with a different stick, not because we didn’t get along towards the end but because (like Mike says) it wasn’t the right cigar for me. I would love to know if any of you had this cigar or any other from this brand before and what your thoughts are.



6 Responses to “Savinelli – Nicaragua Reserve”

  1. TriMarkC Says:

    First off – great first picture! The ruddiness of the wrapper against the red and white of the ashtray and the angle of your shot create an eye-catching picture!

    I also really liked your’s / Mike’s comment that the cigar wasn’t bad but it wasn’t the right cigar for you. Well said! In the premium cigar world there are very few cigars that are bad, there are a hell of a lot of cigars that are just not right for your own tastes.

    • Thank you for your kind words Mark, and also thank you for your comment, very well put… I couldn’t agree more.

  2. Gus I myself didnt know they were making cigars. There are so many cigars out there it overwhelming at times. Great review my friend.

    • Thanks Mike, so true it is getting out of hand at times but things would be even worse without the blogs and sites that keep us informed.

  3. Great review Gus, haven’t tried this one but have had the RyR was sad to hear they’re discontinuing it. The good news is it’s being reincarnated though as well as some new lines added this year. I really dig what Savinelli is doing.

    • Thank you Matt. I’m not going to give up on them… I already got couple Liga Especials to try. I will keep you posted.

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