Ideology by 262

Today I review the Ideology by 262. This cigar is composed of Nicaraguan ligero,Mexican ligero and Dominican viso. The wrapper is a Nicaraguan Habano Rosado.The binder is from Nicaragua. I want to say thanks to Brett the rep. for 262 and say sorry I kept calling you Brian in the video.

Look below and see what I thought of this smoke.


14 Responses to “Ideology by 262”

  1. That sounds like a great morning stick. The price is nice too, in NY as well.
    The audio sounds fine to me ( on netbooks tiny speaker )

    • Appreciate the comment and the support. The sound was still coming from my Canon camcorder about four feet away not my notebook the 9v batteries were dead with no extras rookie mistake lol

  2. I really dug the background, it feels like when cnn cuts to someone in the news room. The audio wasn’t as bad as you thought I did have to bring the volume up a touch but was clear. The Ideology sounds like a good smoke and not a bad price even with our taxes i’ll have to see if they sell them around me. Thanks for the review man.

    • Thanks Matt I have extra batteries now really bothered me about the quality of sound. This is a decent stick I just prefer a more complex smoke.

  3. Mike, I don’t know anything about Ideology cigars so this is good information. The studio looks good and the video is much better without the green screen. At least we can keep looking at your “ugly mug” (as you put it) while you are puffing away. As always, thanks.

    • Johng they have some really nice cigars. Thanks on the studio work in progress and I think everyone will like that the green screen is gone. Thanks as always my friend.

  4. Great stuff Mike, love the new set up. Always look forward to a new review from you, take care.

  5. Well done Mike, what can I say about the “studio”…. I’m loving it. I’ll give the Ideology a try as well.

  6. General_Griff Says:

    Nice! I smoked the one u gifted me a few weeks ago and enjoyed it. Nice mild stick. I think that minty taste u had was some peppermint schnapps u had left on your lips.

  7. 262Brett Says:

    Great review Mike and Im glad you enjoyed the Ideology. Dont think youre done reviewing 262′s yet though, the “Underground” our full body cigar comes out this summer and Ill be giving you a few of those to try out as well.

  8. Hey Mike, nice review. Heck the video was very cool and did seem like you were in a news room. Audio was fine also. Great job bro.

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