God of Fire by Don Carlos 2006

I was gifted this cigar by my friend Rob to try and review. This is the first time I’ve smoke this God of Fire 2006 but I have had others. The God of Fire 2006 has a Ecuador wrapper with both filler and binder from Dominican Republic. Let’s see what I think of this slightly expensive smoke.

8 Responses to “God of Fire by Don Carlos 2006”

  1. I agree 100% w/ you M. an expensive cigar has to be complex and definitely w/ no construction problems. Good review pal.

  2. General_Griff Says:

    Nice review sir. The reviews r looking a lot better with the new set up. I’ve only smoked one myself over a year ago so don’t really remember it all that well. The whole bend thing was wierd. U figure for that price range u wouldn’t have those problems. I try to send u stuff that I know u don’t wanna spend the money on. So I hope u enjoy. I’m digging all the things coming up. Keep up all your hard work.

  3. Only had one God of Fire with my brother in law and for the money he spent on them we both found the cigar to be very ordinary and one dimensional. I’ve had much better cigars at a quarter of the price.

    • Marc I have to agree with you lots of better complex smokes at a much lower price but overall its still a good smoke.

  4. Great review Mike, at $20 I can’t see myself trying one any time soon. But who knows. When you spend $20 on a cigar your expectations are going to be huge. I think I’d rather spend $5 on a stick have little expectations and walk away pleased.

  5. mike zampini Says:

    hi from toronto, canada. Bought a couple of these 2 yrs. ago while in florida and really liked them.
    Back up here in toronto they price out at over $60.00 a stick. I definately would not pay that price for them. Mike was spot on with his review especially that the cigar gives off very little flavours and what you
    can taste is the same throughout. Keep up your great reviews.

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