Monte Pascoal

I’m smoking today a cigar I was gifted by Wesley Gensel of  Tobacos Mata Fina USA. This cigar is composed of Mata Fina binder and wrapper with a filler of Mata Fina and Mata Norte. These cigars are produced according to centuries old traditions and blended of rigorously selected Brazilian Mata Fina and Mata Norta tobaccos.

Take a look and see what my thoughts were on the Monte Pascoal.

Size-4 7/8×50


Wrapper-Mata Fina

Binder-Mata Fina

Filler-Mata Fina & Mata Norte



Cut-Xikar V-Cut

Pre Light- Construction of the Monte Pascoal is flawless, with a dark looking wrapper that reminds me of a chocolate bar. There are very few minimal veins and no blemishes or soft spots detected. Smell from the wrapper is a sweet tobacco and on the foot I’m picking up molasses. Cold draw is perfect just a tad snug. Right away on the  cold draw I’m picking up licorice.

1St Third- The Monte Pascoal is burning great, very clean and crisp burn line. The cigar is producing lot’s of clean smoke that s light and airy. The ash is strong and a nice white ash. I’m getting notes of sweetness in the foreground with an earthy undertone. On the retrohale there’s a slight hint of the licorice. So far it’s a nice low medium stick.

Midway- Cigar continues to burn perfect no complaints here. Still a medium body cigar. Ash holds on well over an inch. I’m still picking up that sweet note but a nice chocolate note has made its way into the mix. The licorice has left and I’m getting sweetness thru the nose. The earthy note is the dominate note now.

Final Third- This cigar is ending exacttly like the midway point. Earth note is very dominate with hints of chocolate and sweetness both on tongue and retrohale. Burn is awesome couldn’t ask for a better burning cigar. Ash is very nice white and gray ash holds on strong. Smoke is fresh and clean.This to me is a good medium body stick.

Conclusion- My Monte Pascoal is a really enjoyable medium body cigar. It isnt complex but offers nice earthy,sweetness,chocolate and some licorice notes. A great burning cigar and for the price point it’s worth it. So go out and give this smoke a try to and remember Enjoy your Smokes.

8 Responses to “Monte Pascoal”

  1. General_Griff Says:

    I’m hearing really good things about this line everywhere. Still haven’t smoked the one you gifted me way back when but I’ll get to it soon enough. Keep up all your hard work brother.

  2. Sounds like a good smoke at the right price. Many cigars are coming out in the sweet spot of 5-8$ glad to see it delivered. Keep up the good work!

  3. TriMarkC Says:

    I agree with Matt – nice price point. I like cigars with a chocolate note or touch of sweetness … but I’m not sure about licorice :-)

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Nice!! Glad you enjoyed the MP!

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