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Ramon Allones – Specially Selected

Posted in Cigar Reviews on March 23, 2011 by Gus


Size: 124 x 50 Handmade: Yes
Shape: Robusto Strength: Medium+
Origin: Cuba Price: $21.75 CAD
Packaging: CB2, SLB50 Source: Self purchased




With just a few vitolas in the portfolio and without the glamour that this company deserves, Ramon Allones is one of the oldest makers in the history of Cuban cigars. It was founded in 1845 by Ramon Allones with the help of his brother Antonio. Rumors want them to be the first to put rings in cigars and also the first to pack them in an 8-9-8 formation for storage. The cigar up for review is the “Specially Selected”, that is also known as “RASS”.

This robusto is slightly box-pressed and nicely rolled, packed generously with tobacco and with no soft spots or any other visible issues. The dark wrapper looks perfect as well and has a nice velvety feeling to it with minimal veins. The red and gold ring without saying that is ugly is undeniably very common. The aroma is very light and I can hardly get anything from the foot just sweet tobacco.

I make a straight cut; the cold draw couldn’t be more perfect. The flavor that hits my palate first is very fade but has sweetness to it like honey.

The smoke that was coming from the foot while I was toasting it, was different – more distinct I could say, than other cigars I had so far. I take a nice deep drag and I get the wow factor, incredible flavors of coffee and cedar that are very balanced, and a little pepper in the background. Only better things get going towards the midpoint of this RASS. Creamy, with rich mocha flavors and a hint of cinnamon, this stogie leaves an aftertaste in my mouth similar to the one that a cappuccino leaves. The final act will close the same with the only difference that the cigar became fuller in body.

I didn’t even bother once to reach for my lighter in these 60 minutes that the RASS lasted, and during this time, it was producing clouds of white – thick smoke and solid ashes that were holding over an inch every time.

The price is really high, especially for a robusto size cigar, but hey, I’m not traveling often to a country that I can get Cuban cigars and actually smoking one that is so enjoyable… I guess it’s worth it.

The Ramon Allones – Specially Selected is a cigar that I highly recommend and suggest for you to try if you ever get that opportunity It’s a cigar that pretty much has it all, good construction, perfect burn and interesting flavors that will satisfy every aficionado.



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