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Posted in Cigar Reviews on March 28, 2011 by MIKE

Today I’m reviewing for you the CroMagnon Cranium a 6×54 Gran Toro. This cigar is a collaboration between Skip Martin of Hava Cigar and Michael Rosales of Adrian’s Premium Costa Rican Cigars. Let’s take a closer look and see what I think of the CroMagnon Cranium.


Shape-Gran Toro

Wrapper-Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro

Filler-3 Nicaraguan varietals



Pre Light-Construction is beautiful on this smoke very minimal veins with a really dark and rich oily wrapper. The one thing that I noticed right when I received these is how dark the wrapper was. The oils from the wrapper give it a great sheen. The triple cap had one small blemish looked like when the cap was being put on it was pulled to tight but doesn’t appear that it will affect the cigar. There are no soft spots or blemishes and its packed very nicely. Smell from the wrapper is a nice spicy note and on the foot lots of pepper. Cold draw is snug with notes of spice and pepper.

1st Third-Right off the bat you are met with a blast of black and red pepper. On the retrohale you get lots of pepper as well and I have to admit I tried to retrohale everything on the  first puff and I don’t recommend this, as this is a strong cigar. In the back ground I’m picking up a nice chocolate note with a little hint of leather. The cigar is burning good a very slow burner and ash is holding over an inch.

Midway-Not much has changed here in the midway point. I’m still getting the pepper mix and the spice like I said especially thru the nose.The leather remains in the background. The only real change and it happens after 1 1/2 inches into cigar it goes from medium to full fast. I even mentioned to Skip saying this isn’t for the faint of heart. Ash does get a little flaky now and then and burn needs attention. I think because of the dark oily wrapper is the reason for the burn attention but it’s not something that’s a pain to watch.

Final Third-Ok into the final third and the strength and flavors are full, not a kick your butt full but you will know you are smoking something. Taste is really nice with notes of spice and leather. The pepper has left and I’m getting more hints of chocolate and coffee. The burn still need’s attention and ash remains flaky. This cigar produces lot’s of dense and refreshing smoke.

Conclusion- I’m a fan of this cigar and price point is great,lot’s of flavors and complexity that I look for in a cigar. The note’s start off the minute you light it and gives you pleasure til the end. I will say I don’t think a beginner should even think of this smoke, but hey that’s just my opinion. I think Skip and  Mike have a winner here and this will be in my humidor for sure. Go out and get your hands on this cigar. Enjoy your Smokes.


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