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Ortsac 1962

Posted in Video Reviews on April 29, 2011 by MIKE

Today we are reviewing the Ortsac 1962 original blend by Victor Vitale of the Cigar Agency. This cigar is composed of Dominican and Nicaraguan filler and a Dominican binder. The cigar is wrapped in a Dark Nicaraguan Corojo. The blend has been changed now from what I’m smoking I’ve been told but I haven’t tried the new blend as of this date.

Pre Light- The wrapper has some differences in color there appears to be some dark patches and light patches to the wrapper. My Ortsac is packed nicely with no blemishes or soft spots. Off the wrapper I’m picking up a mild sweetness but on the foot the sweetness is very noticeable. Cold draw is perfect and I’m getting a little spice and pepper with that sweetness, really nice cold draw.

1st Half- Cigar draws perfect picking up that sweet spicy note that reminds me of a paprika flavor. On the retrohale I’m getting a nice pepper note. In the background I’m also picking up a wood and earth note that’s not over powering but I can’t put my finger on the exact woody note. Burn needs a lot of attention and ash is very flaky not holding on strong but that’s very minor compared to the nice complex flavors I’m getting. So far the Ortsac 1962 is treating me fine.

2nd Half- not much has changed still picking up the sweet spicy notes along with the wood and earth. The pepper is still noticeable thru the nose. The one change is the burn was perfect the second half and the ash was stronger. This is a good medium body stick that I will smoke again and look forward to trying the new blend.

Illusione ~ cg:4 ~

Posted in Cigar Reviews on April 25, 2011 by Griff

Today we take a look at the Illusione ~ cg:4 ~. The cigar I am reviewing is the corona vitola. This Nicaraguan puro is also know as the “White Horse”.

Country: Honduras

Wrapper: Nicaraguan

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

Strength: Full


The wrapper is a dark chocolate color with minimal veins. Has a well applied triple cap this is easily removed with my Palio cutter. The draw is perfect with notes of spice and nuts on the old draw. The wrapper has a sweet spicy aroma and is very firmly packed with tobacco.
1st Third:

With the first few drags of this Illusione you get lots of spice. After the first quarter inch your are met with nuttiness and earth. The pepper comes and goes and you move through the first third. This cigar produces lots and lots of smoke with a very nice room aroma. The burn has been perfect and the retrohale is very smooth with just a touch of pepper.

2nd Third:

The ash is not very strong and tends to flake and fall apart if you are not paying attention to it. The main flavors have become nut with a woody finish to it. The burn goes a little out of wack at some points but corrects itself. You still get notes of pepper but the are few and far between. I am surprised by the amount of smoke this cigar produces considering the small size.

Final Third:

As we pull into the final third earthiness has become the mainstay with the nutty notes hanging in the background.


I didn’t want to put this cigar down. I thought I was going to burn my fingers it was so good. Had lots of good flavors and with them being around the $6-$7 range is definitely worth the price. You should most definitely get out to your local B&M and pick a few of these bad boys up.

Keep ‘em burnin’


Rocky Patel Ocean Club

Posted in Video Reviews on April 22, 2011 by MIKE

I decided to do yet another Rocky Patel review, hey the guys is blending a lot of cigars what can I say. Today we are reviewing the Rocky Patel Ocean Club. This cigar is composed of mexican binder and a Dominican and Nicaraguan filler. The wrapper is from Nicaragua as well. We are smoking the robust box press which is a 5.5×50.  I do say in the video that this is a Holt’s exclusive and it appears I was wrong I have found it on other sites, just wanted to clarify my mistake.

Pre Light- The cigar is very toothy and the seam lines on the wrapper are very noticeable. The cigar isn’t packed tight but it doesn’t look like it will affect anything. The smell off the wrapper is a sweet smell and on the foot it reminds me of molasses. Cold draw is perfect just a little snug with that molasses and sweet note.

1st Half- I’m picking up a really nice cayenne pepper note on the retrohale and lot’s of oak notes which is the dominate flavor. In the background there is a touch of sweetness and leather. Burn is little wavy but always corrects itself. The ash is nice and white and holds on over 1 inch. So far I’m enjoying this cigar much better then I did the 6×60.

Final Half- Not much has changed at all this isn’t a complex cigar but it is very straight forward and delicious. The oak note remains the boss being the most noticeable flavor. Still getting the pepper and the sweetness along with the leather. Even at the final half this cigar produces lot’s of dense smoke. So take a look below and check out the video to get more info on my thoughts of the Rocky Patel Ocean Club.

Tatuaje – tattoo

Posted in Cigar Reviews on April 20, 2011 by Gus

Joint review by Rob & Gus

 Size:  7 ½ x 38

Shape: Lancero (box-press)

Wrapper: Habano Rosado Oscuro

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

Strength: Medium

Price: $10 



First Look The aroma of the “tattoo” is very spicy with notes of coffee and a barnyard smell. The construction is very good with a chocolate brown wrapper that has minimal veins with a perfect triple cap applied and the foot. On the cold draw I get lots of spice and pepper. The cigar is not very firmly packed and is pretty soft to the old squeeze test. It also has a weird feel to it on your lips with the unusual shape. The tattoo has an interesting unique appearance with its box-press lancero shape. The chocolate color wrapper has tiny veins and a sweet cocoa aroma and has a velvety feel. The body of the stick is spongy with a few soft spots. The Cuban style triple cap is perfectly placed and adds to the looks. The cold draw is good and gives me notes of coffee and pepper.
1st third On the first few puffs you are met with lots and lots of spice. It has a perfect draw and there is tons of smoke. The retro hale on the first half inch is not recommended unless you want teary eyes. But that spice starts to mellow around the 1 inch mark. The dominant flavors that I can pick up are coffee and wood with hints of chocolate coming in from time to time. The start is spicy. Lots of coffee and wood and a peppery zing to it. At times I get some leathery flavors that alternate with hints of cocoa. I can easily say that the beginning is very enjoyable and complex enough.
  2nd third As you reach a little further in this cigar the pepper disappears and is somewhat of a memory. The chocolate flavors the popped up in the first third increased with the wood and coffee being the mainstay. Had to relight a few times as all the cigars I smoked for the review seems to have burn issues. Things are changing up a littleπρ while I’m getting closer to the midpoint. The pepper has mellowed down along with those cocoa notes. The dominant flavor now is wood with the coffee coming in second place.
  3rd third As I pull into the final stretch the flavors stay the same but seem faint and watered down. The cigar just seems to have turned bitter and not very tasteful. At the final third mark down, things got a little weird and unusual for a “tat”. All the nice flavors progressively lost their strength and raw tobacco was all I could really taste.
 Overall Out of three cigars I had smoked for this review I can’t say that I have finished one all the way through. Whenever I get to about the 1 to 2 inch mark left on the cigar it just seems to tell me to stop smoking it as funny as that sounds. Also if you are interested in this cigar be mindful that it is a lancero and extra attention needs to be paid to burn as it tends to burn hot and tunnel quite frequently. I had some minor burn issues but they were all self corrected. Good amount of smoke and ash that was lasting just under an inch. It wasn’t a bad cigar but it didn’t wow me either. I guess the right way to say it, is that I expected more by one of my favorite brands. After all, with only 5100 cigars that were released, I consider myself lucky to even have an opportunity to try this cigar, thanks Rob!


Fuente – Between The Lines

Posted in Cigar Reviews on April 18, 2011 by Griff

Let me begin by saying that this was suppose to be my first review but when I received the Illusione ~Burn~ I wanted to get it out there and not wait another week. This Fuente can be a little hard to find depending on where you live. Every other site on here has the background story about Cynthia Fuente wanting a more mild smoke with some flavor to it and all the other little facts and numbers but really does any of that matter if the cigar is no good. Well lets leave all that out and get down to what’s important the flavor and depth.

Origin: Dominican Republic

Size: 4.5  (Short Perfecto)

Wrapper: Connecticut Shade/Broadleaf Maduro

Binder: Dominican

Filler: Dominican

Strength: Mild/Medium

Pre Draw

The look of this cigar would draw anyone’s attention when sitting in the case of your local B & M (well that’s until you look at the price tag as I paid around $20 at my local shop with is a little high for such a tiny cigar). The barber pole design is flawless and a thing of beauty. Besides the beautiful construction of this cigar the wrapper puts off a very sweet aroma with minimal veins. I clipped the cap off and for a perfecto the draw was very easy with the same sweet taste along with some woody notes coming through. So let’s light this little lady up.

First Third

On the first few puffs the one thing you notice is how smooth and mild this cigar is with no pepper or harshness. The main flavors I would say are coffee with cream, some chocolate hear and there with a little wood in the background. With every drag you get mouths full of creamy smoke that just hangs in the air. The retrohale is very easy with no irritation to your sinuses. The burn is wavy but stays even throughout with seems to happen with cigar that have that little nipple at the head.

Second Third

In the second third a little bit of pepper rears its head as a welcomed guest as the cigar’s flavor profile despite the many flavors is very mild. The creaminess is still there but has faded into the background. The ash holds on very well with the strength picking up from mild to a low medium.

Final Third

The end of this cigar finished up with the woody flavor finishing it off with the sweetness fading way into the background. The pepper is still there but is very mild.


As we wrap this beautiful cigar up all I can say is that with the price tag on this cigar I doubt I will be smoking any of these regularly. I would even say that if they were half the price I paid I still don’t think I would spend my money on them. The flavor profile was ok but the flavors were so faint and mild that I could’ve spent a few dollars and just bought a Macanudo. Besides the beautiful wrapper and its allure of being a limited edition and hard to find cigar I don’t really see the necessity in purchasing this cigar unless you just wanted to keep in the humidor for show. But that’s just my opinion light one up for yourself and let me know your experience.

Keep ‘em burnin’



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