I’m Bringing Sexy Back (YEAH)

Good morning, Good Afternoon or Good Evening to all of my B/SOTL out there. I am taking this time to introduce myself to all of you. My name is Rob Griffis and I will be taking over the Monday slot here at Mike’s Stogies while Mike launches Stogie 411. I have been smoking cigars for approx. 2 yrs now and have enjoyed everything about it from the history of the industry, to the many wonderful and generous people I have met, as well as the friendships I have gained.

I would first of all like to thank Mike for giving me this opportunity to voice my opinions and share what I have learned while swimming in this vast ocean that is the cigar industry. Be warned that these are only my opinions as everybody’s tastes and experiences are their own.

Well I guess I should tell you a little more about myself. I am 28 yrs old. I have a great sense of humor and am always cracking jokes or busting balls as you can tell if you follow me on twitter @general_griff. Don’t get offended by what I say cause 9 times out of 10 I’m not being serious. I am a very passionate Boston Red Sox fan (maybe that’s why Mike likes me lol). I am also very open and honest so if you have a question about anything I will always give you an honest answer. I work around 55 hrs a week, 6 days days a week and love to come home and relax with a nice cigar.

Well here’s to the future and I look forward to meeting and interacting with you all.

Keep ‘em burnin’

61 Responses to “I’m Bringing Sexy Back (YEAH)”

  1. Welcome Rob, I look forward to your reviews. Was the Funky Bunch ok with you doing this as a side project?

    • Thanks Matt I figured it was time to take a break from my underwear modeling career and focus on my passion. Cigars & pimpin’ lol. Thanks for the support

  2. Rob I am looking forward to your reviews and I hope everyone else is as well. Best of luck and remember not everyone will agree. Ps I never said I like u. Just messin.

  3. ROOOB, welcome buddy! Now you belong officially to the Mikesstogies.com “elite”. I’m looking forward to your reviews.

  4. LovelyLadyoftheStick Says:

    Really Rob?!? What a nerd!

    Seriously though, nice intro. I look forward to hearing your thoughts so I can tell Jess and she and I can rib you to no end!:-P

  5. have you picked your first cigar to review?

    • Yeah I know what I’m gonna review but I don’t know what the bosses policy is on divulging that information. Lol

  6. Flimbo27 Says:

    coming here to show some love! make sure you represent Philly right doing these cigar blogs!

  7. bigmike Says:

    Hell I finally make it back to the site and I find out another Red Sox fan is going to review cigars, what’s the world coming to! J/k, great to have you and can’t wait to read your reviews.

  8. Rob, as someone who was born and raised in the Bronx, NY; someone who watches/listens to every Yankees game (when possible) and has done so for as long as I can remember; for someone who bleeds Yankee pinstripes – I cannot correspond with or discuss important matters (such as cigars) with a hated Red Sox fan. Therefore, I will no longer visit this site, view any videos, nor read any cigar reviews on this site. I cannot believe the lack of judgment on Mike’s part to entrust the great content that is placed on this site to a “Sawks” fan. Good riddance………………………………..ahhh, I’m busting your balls!!!! You said that you have a good sense of humor so hopefully you’ll appreciate this greeting. Welcome Rob. Good luck and all the best. Looking forward to your first and subsequent reviews. JohnG

    • I will there for be blocking you from this site! Lol don’t make me and Mike have to gang up on you. Thanks for the comment and I’m glad you guys are excited cause I am too

  9. Rob, I always enjoy your curmudgeon twitter feed. Now I’m gonna look forward to the same thing for cigar reviews from ya! I love the picture and intro too! Best of luck!

  10. Marsh Bx22 Says:

    Despite you introducing yourself as a BoSox fan… I will give you a chance. This is coming from a die hard Yankees fan. All kidding aside, look forward to reading your cigar reviews.

    • Damn for me & Mike bothe being Red Sox fans there are quite a few Yankee fans on here. I’m getting a little nervous lol. Thanks bro

  11. Welcome aboard. Everything will be ok. Here, take my hand. Hold on tight.

  12. Kev Griff Says:

    Yo bro, nice intro minus being a red sox fan.

  13. Lillymae Levasseur Says:

    I agree with kev..haha by the way nice sweater…not!!!!!

  14. Kimmie Lamberto Says:

    Hey Bobby! Nice intro and good luck (with this and the future baseball season).. sucks to be a red sox fan!

    • Thanks Kimmie we will see at the end of the season. You better tell your punk behind sisters to get over here and who’s some love lol

  15. Nice intro! Now get to work, ready to read that first cigar review! Good luck to ya!

    • Oh why thank your sir. That was very kind of you to take time out of your busy schedule to show some love to your boy. Lol. Thanks bro

  16. I remember the days when you could smoke cigars at Fenway. The smell of cigars and beer, what a slice of heaven that was.

  17. Congrats and Good Luck!!!! Now can I have my food

  18. Uhhmm…Ill be reading your blog simply because you asked me to and I really am not looking forward to anything you have to say as usual. Hmmph!

  19. babygurlcyn Says:

    Nice blog bobby….

  20. Good luck Bobby! You will do great!

  21. Jessica Says:

    @jessbayne here….

    First and foremost I’d like to congratulate Rob on his recent appointment as reviewer for Mikesstogies.com. I’m quite confident he’ll do a fine job at articulating the nuances of each cigar he reviews. As I’m sure Rob knows, not everyone will agree with his cigar analyses, as cigars are quite personal to each individual.

    Best Wishes,


  22. Nice work Bob! Go Phils!

  23. Nice introduction. I’m looking forward to the commentary.

  24. Phillies rule, Red Sox drool

    Now get to reviewin ya slacker :)

  25. tatuaje guy Says:

    good luck griff, i am looking forward to what you have to say

  26. Will you be doing video reviews from time to time? Do it!

  27. Good luck & keep the great tips coming

  28. Lets hope your cigar judgement is better then your baseball team judgement load. I’m watching you!

  29. TriMarkC Says:

    Welcome! When I first saw the title of this post, I couldn’t help but think of a great tshirt my sister gave me for my birthday. Its a picture of an “ol’ time” cartoon character (well before your time) called “Captain Caveman”, and the tshirt has a picture of him standing just like you are above, leaning on his club, saying … “I’m bringin’ Sexy back”!

    Can’t wait to start reading your reviews!

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