Tom,Ed and Mike with Kristoff Maduro

So my good friend Tom over at asked me to get together with Ed at for another fun review and heck I just couldn’t say no, (not that I would). We review the Kristoff Maduro take a look below and let us know your thoughts.


7 Responses to “Tom,Ed and Mike with Kristoff Maduro”

  1. As I said on Tom’s site – Agreed, this is indeed a good cigar. The more barnyard smell , the better. For me, most definitely box worthy. I enjoyed your review guys. Thanks once again. Glad that Ed got a few good shots in during his brawl. Good for you Ed!! BY the way, Mike/Mike’s Stogie411 first show was interesting and a lot of fun. I recommend tuning in.

    • John I am happy you enjoyed the first stogie 411 show its excitting and different. Also this kristoff is a really great smoke and always fun with tom and ed.

  2. general_griff Says:

    Finally got to watch the review since blip is on the fritz. any review that involves Ed is a must watch! never really like the Kristoff brand but i’ll have to give this one a try

  3. stevenlakeland Says:

    good review mike! i figured i would copy and paste what i wrote on Toms site …………………………….
    Great review as usual, i have to get over to ed’s shop one of these days! I love these cigars as well and have been smoking these for about 8 months. Another stick from Kristoff is the Brittney, its pretty mild but it is box worthy as well.keep up the good work and thanks for introducing us to mike through your website!

  4. Jeffrey Kim Says:

    Mike – Have you compared this to the Kristoff Ligero Maduro? I’m interested in your thoughts between the two. My buddy Mike loves the Ligero Maduro, but I’m generally not a huge fan of ligero.

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