Illusione ~ Burn ~

Size: Robusto (5 x 52)
Wrapper: Nicaraguan Criollo
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Strength: Medium/Full
Price: $9.75

This robusto is a limited edition cigar created by Dion Giolito from Illusione for Rocky Patel’s Burn Lounge.  This blend comes in 4 sizes the robusto I am smoking today as well as a torpedo, churchhill and a grand toro. All ranging from $9.75 to around $12.


At first look of this cigar you noticed its reddish brown rapper that is complimented by the white and red ban. With no major veins the wrapper on this cigar is seamless and is a pleasure to look at. It is packed firmly from head to foot with no soft spots or hard spots. The scent off the wrapper and foot is a barnyard smell with hints of coffee and chocolate. With a snip of the triple capped head with my Palio cutter our experience begins. The draw is perfect and with hints of coffee and a slight hint of nuts.

First Third

With the first few puffs you get a slight pepper sensation on your tongue but after the third or fourth go at it the pepper disappears. There are massive amounts of heavy smoke coming off the draw. The thick smoke in your mouth is very creamy with notes of coffee and chocolate just like the smell off the wrapper. The burn is very even and seems to burn very slowly.

Second Third

The ash is holding on quite strongly while the smoke seems to be pouring out of the head. Here in the second third the spice kicks up a little bit but nothing overpowering. The basic flavors seem to stay the same with the coffee and chocolate but every now and again you will get hints of wood. The cigar starts off mild but kicks into a medium strength as you move through the half way point.

Final Third

The spice in the final third dies down. The main flavors now are sweet with the coffee fading into the background.


For being a Nicaraguan puro it’s surprising the lack of spice this cigar displayed in the flavor profile. This cigar is well worth a try if you can get your hands on them but I don’t think they measure up to some of the great cigars in the Illusione line. If they were more readily available I would definitely keep a few in the humidor. The buddy I received these from described them as having the spice characteristics of the Cruzado with the sweetness of the Epernay. I would agree but that’s just my thoughts. Go out and give them a try if you have the opportunity.

Anybody interested in purchasing these cigars contact Burn at (239) 653-9013 and mention Mike’s Stogies. There are willing to ship
Keep em burnin’

25 Responses to “Illusione ~ Burn ~”

  1. thanks for the review Rob, I’ve been curious about that stick but not enough to go through the hassle to get it. Keep up the good work!

  2. Nice review griff these can be tough to find, glad you did and reviewed it

  3. Way to bust out of the starting gate with a harder to find stick!

    I can’t wait for Michael to try his =)

  4. Maybe it is just me, but I think that Illusione should feel violated being sold exclusively in a lounge branded “Rocky Patel”.

    Well done

    • There is suppose to be a few major brands coming out with exclusive blends for the lounge but Dion was the first to get his done

  5. Great review Rob. Way to get this cigar on the site.

  6. Well done Rob, great review! I can’t wait to put my hands on this one….

  7. Kyle Chapman Says:

    Great review Rob. I like the photo’s, especially the last one w/ the nub and band. Very cool bro! Job well done.

  8. Good start Rob. Thanks for the review. If I ever get a chance to visit the Burn Lounge, I will definitely give it a try.

    • Hey John I’m glad you like the review. If you look at the bottom of the review you can order them through the lounge.

  9. Rob – I’m scheduled to be in South(west & east) FL in during the week of April 25th which will swing me by Naples. I will try my best to make a detour so that at least I can try one. JohnG.

  10. If it’s Illusione it has to be good! Thanks for the review, way to rock it!

    • Yeah I don’t think I have smoked one I haven’t like. Do like some more than others though. I would say this one is in the higher quality but I like the epernay, 88, 888 a little better

  11. Nice review brother

  12. Kev Griff Says:

    Nice first review

  13. Robert,

    You’ve done it again, sir. Your eloquence with words is perfectly displayed in your review of Illusione’s “Burn.” It’s clear from your review that this cigar represents the best of Illusione by capturing not only spicy, but also sweet undertones. In addition, your photography skills are superb – especially when one considers the last photo where the nub is surrounded by the “Burn” band, which symbolizes that you really “burned” this one to the ground, so to speak. As always, I anxiously await your next review.

    Best Wishes,


  14. nice review Griff! Thats a bit of a price to pay for a “ok” cigar. I’ll have to check them out though.

    • Thank you blogfather lol. It was better than ok. I just wouldn’t put it at the top of the list of Illusione cigars but it’s definitely worth smoking. I had another cigar planned for this week but when I got my hands on these I had to rush it a little to get it out as soon as possible. Trying to stay ahead of the curve if you know what I mean lol

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