Today for your viewing pleasure Daryl returns and we review the Warlock. A handcrafted cigar by Omar Ortez in Nicaragua. This cigar is composed of Nicaraguan binder and a filler combo of Nicaraguan and Dominican tobacco. The wrapper is a Ecuadorian Cubano. Let’s take a look and see what we think of the Warlock.

Pre Light- Both Daryl and I had perfect constructed cigars. The wrapper is a dark oily wrapper it reminds me of a rich chocolate bar. There were very minimal veins and no blemishes to be found. The smell from the wrapper is a faint tobacco note as Daryl got more of a spice note. On the foot we both agreed that it was sweet and spicy. Cold draw was perfect with hints of the sweet spicy note.

1st Half- Right away your are greeted with the spicy pepper thru the nose as well as the sweetness in your mouth. The Warlock leaves your palate very fresh and clean. One thing I forgot to mention was the band, it reminds me of an old school hot rod or bike with its flat black background and old school lettering. I really dig the simplicity of the band. Now back to the cigar,, the draw and burn were perfect this cigar produces tons of clean thick smoke. We both agree at this point its a good medium body stick. I have had several of these and this one isn’t as complex as the others and after looking at other bloggers sites that reviewed this cigar it appears some of them had the same issue.

Final Half- Ok so the cigar has picked up in strength and has hit the full level. Starting to pick up notes of leather and sweetness along with the spicy pepper note thru the nose. In the background I’m getting a note of wood but Daryl isn’t getting that note at all. Still burning and smoking great not as complex as I hoped but well worth the 7.10 price point. This cigar is a cigar we both will keep in our humidor and we suggest you go out and give this one a try.

12 Responses to “Warlock”

  1. Nice job baby :)

  2. General_Griff Says:

    Nice job baby. YUCK! Can’t wait go watch the video gonna have to fire up the laptop tonight. And u 2 kinds better keep it PG on here

  3. As always, thanks for the review guys.

  4. Hey Mike and Daryl, great review. Looks like the snow has finally melted up your way. Gonna have to pick up a couple Warlocks and give them a try.

  5. Sounds like a must try since you said it reminded you of an Illusione Epernay. That is one of my all time favorite sticks. If that is the case, at that price. I am down.
    Major props for rocking the DPS hat.

    • bx22 its a must try like I said the first one I tried reminded me of the Epernay but nne after did. Its a good cigar for sure judge it on its own. Thanks for supportting our site.

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