Fuente – Between The Lines

Let me begin by saying that this was suppose to be my first review but when I received the Illusione ~Burn~ I wanted to get it out there and not wait another week. This Fuente can be a little hard to find depending on where you live. Every other site on here has the background story about Cynthia Fuente wanting a more mild smoke with some flavor to it and all the other little facts and numbers but really does any of that matter if the cigar is no good. Well lets leave all that out and get down to what’s important the flavor and depth.

Origin: Dominican Republic

Size: 4.5  (Short Perfecto)

Wrapper: Connecticut Shade/Broadleaf Maduro

Binder: Dominican

Filler: Dominican

Strength: Mild/Medium

Pre Draw

The look of this cigar would draw anyone’s attention when sitting in the case of your local B & M (well that’s until you look at the price tag as I paid around $20 at my local shop with is a little high for such a tiny cigar). The barber pole design is flawless and a thing of beauty. Besides the beautiful construction of this cigar the wrapper puts off a very sweet aroma with minimal veins. I clipped the cap off and for a perfecto the draw was very easy with the same sweet taste along with some woody notes coming through. So let’s light this little lady up.

First Third

On the first few puffs the one thing you notice is how smooth and mild this cigar is with no pepper or harshness. The main flavors I would say are coffee with cream, some chocolate hear and there with a little wood in the background. With every drag you get mouths full of creamy smoke that just hangs in the air. The retrohale is very easy with no irritation to your sinuses. The burn is wavy but stays even throughout with seems to happen with cigar that have that little nipple at the head.

Second Third

In the second third a little bit of pepper rears its head as a welcomed guest as the cigar’s flavor profile despite the many flavors is very mild. The creaminess is still there but has faded into the background. The ash holds on very well with the strength picking up from mild to a low medium.

Final Third

The end of this cigar finished up with the woody flavor finishing it off with the sweetness fading way into the background. The pepper is still there but is very mild.


As we wrap this beautiful cigar up all I can say is that with the price tag on this cigar I doubt I will be smoking any of these regularly. I would even say that if they were half the price I paid I still don’t think I would spend my money on them. The flavor profile was ok but the flavors were so faint and mild that I could’ve spent a few dollars and just bought a Macanudo. Besides the beautiful wrapper and its allure of being a limited edition and hard to find cigar I don’t really see the necessity in purchasing this cigar unless you just wanted to keep in the humidor for show. But that’s just my opinion light one up for yourself and let me know your experience.

Keep ‘em burnin’


17 Responses to “Fuente – Between The Lines”

  1. Great review Rob, I was never really impressed by the BTL I’ve enjoyed the short story just as much if not more for a quarter of what you paid. If memory serves me correctly MSRP on the BTL is around $14, cigar shops love to mark these up because they’re released once a year right before Christmas.

  2. Nice review but i have yet to find a non Cuban that i like…most taste pretty nasty to me.

    • Don’t get to smoke cubans very often being here in the US and the ones I do have I seem to hoard. But there are plenty of domestic cigars here in the States that are very good

  3. Hey Rob. I have yet to try any cigar in this barber pole design but I am curious to do so. Unfortunately, with the combination of price and the flavor profile, this will not be one of them. I don’t care if a cigar is mild, medium or full – if it doesn’t have flavor then why am I bothering with it. Thanks for the review. What other barber pole combinations have you smoked and, in your opinion, what should I try first?

    • The only other barber pole designed cigar I have smoked is the CAO America which was an ok smoke but some people like em. I know there are others but I have tried them yet. Sorry I wasn’t really much help on that lol

  4. Rob I smoked this cigar once and really enjoyed it. Great review as akways pal.

    • I probably would have enjoyed it if it cost me $5 instead of $20 lol. I think it would be an ok morning cigar if you weren’t paying so much

  5. Rod Warczak Says:

    Yep! That price tag seems pretty steep! It would have to get some really good raves for me to break down and get one. ~rana

  6. Nice review Rob & the pics look awesome… Matt you should offer him a position, he is underpaid here anyways :)
    Yeah… not sure if I wanna pay $20 for a stick of that size…. I’m just gonna wait for you Rob to send me a few to try…LOL

  7. I have one in the humidor that was gifte, been there a couple years and it may just stay there awhile after the review.

    The CAO America gets a lot better with some age on it.

  8. Jessica Bayne Says:


    I never expected any less. Yet another fantastic, well written, and relevant review. Let me first start by saying this is one of my most favorite cigars for various reasons. I have a background (B.A.) in English, and am an avid reader. The Hemingway line truly plays to my emotions as I am a fan of Ernest Hemingway and respect his work immensely. Your review accurately captures the essence of the cigar, while also reminding me, yet again, that cigars are quite personal, and each person’s taste/palate varies. With this being said, I truly enjoyed the line “in the second third a little bit of pepper rears its head as a welcomed guest,” as the line itself was truly Hemingway-ish. Great job again, Rob. I wish you continued success.



  9. Kev Griff Says:

    Nice… I like the pics, something looks familiar about them

  10. Nice review, Rob. I’m not much of a Fuente lover, but reading another opinion on them is always worthwhile. Keep up the good work, brotha!


  11. Nice review, I especially like the photos. Outside in the sunlight the colors in the ashtray and cigar really pop.

    I think the last time I saw these in a local shop they were about $13.00 each. I don;t know what the MSRP is but I’m sure $20.00 is marked up by at least a few dollars.

    Keep up the good work

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