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Tatuaje – tattoo

Posted in Cigar Reviews on April 20, 2011 by Gus

Joint review by Rob & Gus

 Size:  7 ½ x 38

Shape: Lancero (box-press)

Wrapper: Habano Rosado Oscuro

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

Strength: Medium

Price: $10 



First Look The aroma of the “tattoo” is very spicy with notes of coffee and a barnyard smell. The construction is very good with a chocolate brown wrapper that has minimal veins with a perfect triple cap applied and the foot. On the cold draw I get lots of spice and pepper. The cigar is not very firmly packed and is pretty soft to the old squeeze test. It also has a weird feel to it on your lips with the unusual shape. The tattoo has an interesting unique appearance with its box-press lancero shape. The chocolate color wrapper has tiny veins and a sweet cocoa aroma and has a velvety feel. The body of the stick is spongy with a few soft spots. The Cuban style triple cap is perfectly placed and adds to the looks. The cold draw is good and gives me notes of coffee and pepper.
1st third On the first few puffs you are met with lots and lots of spice. It has a perfect draw and there is tons of smoke. The retro hale on the first half inch is not recommended unless you want teary eyes. But that spice starts to mellow around the 1 inch mark. The dominant flavors that I can pick up are coffee and wood with hints of chocolate coming in from time to time. The start is spicy. Lots of coffee and wood and a peppery zing to it. At times I get some leathery flavors that alternate with hints of cocoa. I can easily say that the beginning is very enjoyable and complex enough.
  2nd third As you reach a little further in this cigar the pepper disappears and is somewhat of a memory. The chocolate flavors the popped up in the first third increased with the wood and coffee being the mainstay. Had to relight a few times as all the cigars I smoked for the review seems to have burn issues. Things are changing up a littleπρ while I’m getting closer to the midpoint. The pepper has mellowed down along with those cocoa notes. The dominant flavor now is wood with the coffee coming in second place.
  3rd third As I pull into the final stretch the flavors stay the same but seem faint and watered down. The cigar just seems to have turned bitter and not very tasteful. At the final third mark down, things got a little weird and unusual for a “tat”. All the nice flavors progressively lost their strength and raw tobacco was all I could really taste.
 Overall Out of three cigars I had smoked for this review I can’t say that I have finished one all the way through. Whenever I get to about the 1 to 2 inch mark left on the cigar it just seems to tell me to stop smoking it as funny as that sounds. Also if you are interested in this cigar be mindful that it is a lancero and extra attention needs to be paid to burn as it tends to burn hot and tunnel quite frequently. I had some minor burn issues but they were all self corrected. Good amount of smoke and ash that was lasting just under an inch. It wasn’t a bad cigar but it didn’t wow me either. I guess the right way to say it, is that I expected more by one of my favorite brands. After all, with only 5100 cigars that were released, I consider myself lucky to even have an opportunity to try this cigar, thanks Rob!



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