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Rocky Patel Ocean Club

Posted in Video Reviews on April 22, 2011 by MIKE

I decided to do yet another Rocky Patel review, hey the guys is blending a lot of cigars what can I say. Today we are reviewing the Rocky Patel Ocean Club. This cigar is composed of mexican binder and a Dominican and Nicaraguan filler. The wrapper is from Nicaragua as well. We are smoking the robust box press which is a 5.5×50.  I do say in the video that this is a Holt’s exclusive and it appears I was wrong I have found it on other sites, just wanted to clarify my mistake.

Pre Light- The cigar is very toothy and the seam lines on the wrapper are very noticeable. The cigar isn’t packed tight but it doesn’t look like it will affect anything. The smell off the wrapper is a sweet smell and on the foot it reminds me of molasses. Cold draw is perfect just a little snug with that molasses and sweet note.

1st Half- I’m picking up a really nice cayenne pepper note on the retrohale and lot’s of oak notes which is the dominate flavor. In the background there is a touch of sweetness and leather. Burn is little wavy but always corrects itself. The ash is nice and white and holds on over 1 inch. So far I’m enjoying this cigar much better then I did the 6×60.

Final Half- Not much has changed at all this isn’t a complex cigar but it is very straight forward and delicious. The oak note remains the boss being the most noticeable flavor. Still getting the pepper and the sweetness along with the leather. Even at the final half this cigar produces lot’s of dense smoke. So take a look below and check out the video to get more info on my thoughts of the Rocky Patel Ocean Club.


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