Ortsac 1962

Today we are reviewing the Ortsac 1962 original blend by Victor Vitale of the Cigar Agency. This cigar is composed of Dominican and Nicaraguan filler and a Dominican binder. The cigar is wrapped in a Dark Nicaraguan Corojo. The blend has been changed now from what I’m smoking I’ve been told but I haven’t tried the new blend as of this date.

Pre Light- The wrapper has some differences in color there appears to be some dark patches and light patches to the wrapper. My Ortsac is packed nicely with no blemishes or soft spots. Off the wrapper I’m picking up a mild sweetness but on the foot the sweetness is very noticeable. Cold draw is perfect and I’m getting a little spice and pepper with that sweetness, really nice cold draw.

1st Half- Cigar draws perfect picking up that sweet spicy note that reminds me of a paprika flavor. On the retrohale I’m getting a nice pepper note. In the background I’m also picking up a wood and earth note that’s not over powering but I can’t put my finger on the exact woody note. Burn needs a lot of attention and ash is very flaky not holding on strong but that’s very minor compared to the nice complex flavors I’m getting. So far the Ortsac 1962 is treating me fine.

2nd Half- not much has changed still picking up the sweet spicy notes along with the wood and earth. The pepper is still noticeable thru the nose. The one change is the burn was perfect the second half and the ash was stronger. This is a good medium body stick that I will smoke again and look forward to trying the new blend.

7 Responses to “Ortsac 1962”

  1. Nice review mike! Cigar had a nice looking wrapper. I gotta get my hands on one of those v cutters.

  2. Any iOS users that can’t see the video you can watch it here:

  3. Sounds interesting Mike. Never heard of these. Thanks for the review.

  4. Hey Mike, thanks for explaining the name of the cigar. Great review bro.

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