Cohiba Black

Size: 5 ½ x 42

Wrapper: Connecticut

Binder: Dominican

Filler: Dominican

Price: $12.00

Strength: Full

Pre Light

Wow! What else could I say? This is one dark wrapper. The name of the cigar says it all. The wrapper is dark black with some dark brown spots to give it some character. The wrapper is smooth to the touch but looks very toothy sitting in my hand.  The smell off the wrapper was sweet with notes of pepper. The cigar had a nice draw with no hard or soft spots on the squeeze test.

1st Third

This cigar puts of enormous amounts of smoke with a nice white ash to go against the dark wrapper. Main flavors I pick up are chocolate and coffee with a very mild spice. The burn is almost perfect all the way round

2nd Third

Here in the second third the flavors stay pretty consistent with some slight nutty flavors coming in going in the background. I know this seems pretty short but there really isn’t much to say.

Final Third

As I lay this cigar down I wonder where the money I spent went. They flavors were nice but stayed the same throughout the entire cigar. There was no complexity and think there are plenty of cheaper options to get the same flavors. When you are paying over 10 dollars for a cigar you expect more of a memorable experience which this was not.

6 Responses to “Cohiba Black”

  1. Rob another good review I have had the red dot and reviewed it, thoughts were its a ok stick very slow burner but I havent had this one and will say if given to me I will try other then that from your review not worth it for me. Thanks for the honest review and keep upthe great work.

  2. LovelyLadyoftheStick Says:

    Great, honest review Rob! Thanks!

  3. Spot on review.Every time I come across these in my humi I wont even consider lighting one up.

  4. I’ve had a few Red Dots over the years and they have been, as Mike says, OK but I have never had the Black. Plenty of other cigars to try other than expensive unmemorable sticks. Thanks for the review and heads up Rob.

  5. Good review Rob I’ve not had this cigar but pretty much feel the same way about the Cohiba’s they never live up to the price tag for me.

  6. I hate review that drone on and on repeating the same thing. This review tells it like it was for you, which is all I can ask for. I agree it is probably priced out of range for the smoking experience it gives (although it isn’t a bad stick).

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