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H Upmann Reserve Maduro

Posted in Cigar Reviews on May 9, 2011 by Griff

Wrapper: Mexican

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan & Honduran

Size: Robusto (5 x 54)

Price: $5

Pre light

I first want to take the time to apologize to everyone for not being very responsive on the comments. I had all for wisdom teeth pulled Monday morning and was kind of out of it for a couple days but I’m back bitches!

Today I bring you the H Upmann Reserve Maduro. This cigar is chocolate brown and very veiny & toothy. The cold aroma off the wrapper is of sweet hay with a pepper coming off the cold draw. The draw on the cigar is perfect and has no soft or plug spots on squeezing of the cigar

1st Third

As we start in on our journey we are met with flavors of coffee, nuts and lots of creamy smoke. The burn is kind of a pain in the arse but seems to be correcting itself. The pepper in the cold draw is almost non-existent  and the retrohale is very smooth.

2nd Third

The main flavors stayed the same here in the second third except for I picked up some cocoa notes here and there. The cigar is very slow burning and the burn line needs a lot of attention and touch ups.

Final Third

The flavors in this cigar were pretty straight forward wit out much change or surprise. The cigar ended the same way it began.


What else can I say but these cigars are consistent. Each one that I smoked for this review had good draws but major burn problems. The flavors stayed pretty much the same from beginning to end with no complexity but  I can’t really complain considering I only paid around $5 a stick and was expecting much.


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