Hoyo de Monterrey – Coronations

Size: 129 x 42 Handmade: Yes
Shape: Mareva Strength: Mild+
Origin: Cuba Price: $12 CAD
Packaging: SLB 25 Source: Self purchased

I’ve smoked quite a few of these cigars and let me tell you this, it’s like gambling on them if the one you’ll grab is going to be “smokable” or not. And by that I mean if you are going to be lucky enough to choose one with a good draw. Even for this review I had to light up 3 stogies in order to find one to smoke and give you my thoughts. I guess third time is a charm…

The Coronation is definitely not the best looking cigar; it looks similar to a machine made one. The wrapper was vainy and looked sloppy like the rollers where under training. The only exception to the whole appearance is the ring that certainly gets the attention.

In all of them I found a few soft spots and in the two first ones the draw was really tight to the point I had to put them aside. The third one was perfect. Its aroma was sweet with floral notes.

I lit it up easily with just a match. The start was very mild with cedar flavors and a touch of spice. The more I was smoking the better this stick was getting. Towards the middle it became little earthy but the taste of dry fruits kept it perfectly balanced. At the final third the sweetness stayed all along, the spice picked up a little and leather made an appearance right before the cigar ends up ashes.

It lasted about an hour. I had some minor self corrected burn issues but nothing to worry about. The whole time it was producing a ton of white thick smoke and the ash was flaky.

The $12 price tag is not bad at all for those sticks that one can actually finish. The question is, is it worth the gamble? I will let you decide that!


6 Responses to “Hoyo de Monterrey – Coronations”

  1. great review Gus and great job on the pictures!

  2. Great stuff…Finally some grown up cigars on here!

    • Thanks Harry… I know you are a Habanos supporter and I would like your input on this one! Take care.

  3. Nice review Gus! Very informative and honest as usual

  4. Gus as always another great informative “grown up” review. You knew I would have something to say to that. Anyway great job my friend.

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