1 Year and Now What…

Congrats to Swede for winning the 1 year giveaway. Kindly email me your name and address and I will get out your prize. Thanks to everyone.

Well it’s been one year since I started MikesStogies and a lot has happened. First off this video will offend some but those who know me will not be judgmental. Those who don’t I don’t give a rats ass lol. I truly appreciate all of your loyalty and support and hope you continue this journey with me. Ok enough let’s see what happens.

45 Responses to “1 Year and Now What…”

  1. Nothing better than enjoying an Illusione Epernay while watching this video. I am going to have that ICP song stuck in my head. Congrats one the 1 year, many more.

  2. i really enjoyed the Video. Thanks for taking the time and thanking all of us. I look forward to seeing more of your reviews. They really help me choose my next cigars, especially when i walk in to my B&M and see all different cigars. One of my go to smokes is the Diesel Unlimited.

    • Mike anytime and thank u for the support. I to enjoy the diesel unlimited lol. Good luck my friend.

  3. Congratulations, Bro! I’ve really enjoyed everything you’ve done so far, and you’ve really learned me quite a bit =) Enjoyed your tweets from vacation (the pic with the mouse ears made my day) and I’m glad to see you made it home safe and sound. Here’s to another year of MikesStogies.com! Smoke on!

    • Thanks Jakob I do so appreciate u and all my followers more then u know. Enjoy your smokes my friend.

  4. Btw, when you watched “Bewitched” as a kid, did you want to be a Warlock, too? I know I did =)

  5. Again like I said on twitter, Congrats on the one year guys. Enjoy watching your stuff every time it comes out, also those emails are great they always help me remember to go and look haha but yea keep it up guys. One year down and many more to come, good job guys.

    • Thanks bro I do so appreciate all the love and support. Without you guys there is no Mikesstogies.

  6. Great Video! I love watchin and reading the reviews. Way to give props to the people that helped you get it all off the ground! BTW, I too love the Illusione Epernay.

  7. hey mike congrats on your 1 year and may you have many more best wishes….warlock

  8. Jeff B. Says:

    Love the site. I’ve been following it for 3 or 4 months now and it’s in my regular reading and viewing rotation. Can you review the Diesel Unlimited in the future?

  9. jannskee Says:

    Mike, congratulations on your accomplishments!! Love the site, and the reviews. Really enjoy how you keep it honest, and real. Keep ‘em comin’. By the way, I’m in the same boat as you, the illusione epernay is one of the best sticks being made.

    • It’s because of people like you that I work hard along with my guys to make this site successful.

  10. bigmike Says:

    Congrats bro. Keep up the excellent work. BTW, thanks to you I’ve been searching for Tatuaje the face cigars ever since I smoked my first.

    • lol glad you enjoy my friend and I plan on reviewing that cuban you sent very seen so keep watching.

  11. brett byers Says:

    Mike, awesome show I enjoy all your reveiws. Thanks, Brett. Deisel unlimited

  12. Mike you are a straight up guy and that is always appreciated. I guess Charlie Sheen isn’t the only Warlock around these days.

  13. Mike,
    Fellow BOTL, great job on the site. I continue to check back every week and appreciate your honesty & content. Keep up the good work and enjoy those Illusione Epernays !

  14. Mike you evil warlock, Congrats on a year great job buddy! I’d write something more but it’s finally not raining so I’m going to go fire up a stogie

  15. I enjoy the Illusione Epernay. Probably the box pressed one the most.

  16. Mike, you have provided insight to a wide variety of cigars that I would not have otherwise tried and you have done so with clarity and objectivity. What I appreciate the most is your honesty and the fact that your main intention is to share information with your viewers. In communicating with you over the past year, reading/viewing your reviews and finally meeting you, I know that you will keep the integrity intact as you go forward. Congratulations!! Continued good luck, best wishes and success to you Rob, Gus and Mike (Stogie411)…and Daryll. Of all the cigars that you have reviewed, the one that stands out for me is the Illusione Epernay. In celebration of your 1 year of MikeStogies.com I am smoking one for you this evening.

    • John u my friend are one person I am happy to call my friend. Your support not only to me but the others on my site is awesome. You cant bet that mikesstogies will always say it honestly but in the end its just an opinion. Enjoy those Epernays.

  17. Swede214 Says:

    Hi Mike, that was a good ending for your first year of ” MikesStoiges”. I have watched you from the first review till this one,have enjoyed them all,thanks and good luck in the coming year. I like the the name of “Warlock”.

  18. Sappy pussy.

    FOUREE – biatch lol

    Idea: Strippers in the background while reviewing!

    So you are telling me I have to give up my 14 year old girl fake twitter account? Dammit, Tom always writes to me LOL

    Hope you have many more years of having fun with reviewing! If it isn’t fun, it turns into work and you end up giving in. Keep having fun!!

    P.S. Who’s Rob?

    Smoking a nice Don Osvaldo while watching – mmm, mmm, good

  19. I have logged on to your sight every day since day one.Love the sight.Warlock MoFo…Congradulations.

  20. I have really enjoyed your site. Congrats on the 1st year, You’re the one that turned me on to the Epernay in the 1st place.

  21. keep up the good work guys I appreciate the honest posts and all the effort you guys put into the site.

  22. Gary Hart Says:

    Love the honest straight forward reviews. I have watched or read every review since I discovered your site back in October. I really appreciate all of your hard work. Keep them coming. Love the Diesel Unlimited.

  23. I love you man!

    • Tom, Matt,Gary,Jake and Boog thanks to all of your support really thats why we are growing. Good Luck also.

  24. Keep it up bro. Glad you guys are going strong and you all will continue to do so!

  25. mike zampini Says:

    great work on this piece Mike. Excellent as usual. Your insight on the cigars you review are always dead on. I smoke 2 or 3 sticks a day and appreciate more now because i look forward to see if i can detect
    the same things you guys do on the reviews. Hope you have many more great years.

  26. Hey Mike, just wanna say congrat’s on your anny. Wish ya many more. Luv dem Epernay’s. Keep up the great reviews bro….

  27. stevenlakeland Says:

    Class Act Mike…………..as well as tom and Ed! warlock’s are cool but epernay’s are cooler!

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