H Upmann Magnum 46

Wrapper: Cuba

Binder: Cuba

Filler: Cuba

Size: Corona Gorda (5 ½ x 46)

Strength: Medium

Pre Light

Today’s cigar comes from the island of Cuba.  The wrapper of this cigar is a shade of light brown and quite veiny. It has a classic Cuban triple cap with is perfectly applied. The cigar is well packed from head to foot. The wrapper has a very nice and sweet aroma with that same sweetness coming through on the cold draw. The color of the wrapper goes perfectly with the red and gold bands that were perfectly placed on the head of the stick.

1st Third

After popping of the cap with my Palio cutter I quickly toasted the foot and started my experience. In the beginning of the cigar you are met with a slight pepper along with wood and nuts. The draw is a little tighter than I would like but isn’t bad enough for me to put it down. This Mag seems to be burning well with lots of creamy smoke emanating from both ends.

2nd Third

As I pull through the half-way point I am get the same woodsy and nutty flavors with hints of sweet coffee entering into the mix. The burn seems a little wavy but hasn’t become a major problem yet.

Final Third

So as I finish off this cigar the final third kicked up the pepper with the wood and creamy coffee being the dominate flavors. The burn seemed to correct itself time and time again. The cigar finished out very smooth with no bitterness.


I think this is a very good cigar and is definitely going to be a mainstay in my humidor. The flavors were rich and complex with everyone I have smoked being very consistent which hasn’t been the norm for cigars coming out of Cuba these days.

Keep em burnin’


11 Responses to “H Upmann Magnum 46”

  1. Another review I can say my time wasn’t waisted by reading, good job Rob.

  2. Man were are you guys picking up these None Cubans lol. Great review buddy keep it up.

    • Haters will hate. Lol I’ll tell you where to get some when my first mikesstogies pay check comes in lol

  3. I definitely want to give these a try. I’ve noticed quite a few draw issues with Cubans lately restricting the amount of smoke and thereby decreasing the flavor output. That being said, this still sounds like it is a pretty good cigar. Great review bro.

  4. bigmike Says:

    Nice review. Question: How much age did this one have on it? I know many people swear that cubans only get better with time and rest. Thanks

  5. Great review and a great stick. I appreciate you sending one my way Griff. I enjoyed the hell out of it this past weekend.

  6. Awesome review Rob for one of my favorite cuban sticks.

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