3 Cigars,3 Cuts and 1 Question

Ok so my buddy over at http://www.cigarporn.com, Matt Maronna asked me awhile ago to do a 3 cigar,3 cut video to see if the cut changed anything with the cigar. Well it took me sometime to get to it and finally here it is. I hope you enjoy this video. So sit back, grab a smoke and watch.

11 Responses to “3 Cigars,3 Cuts and 1 Question”

  1. Mike thanks for doing this, it’s something I hadn’t seen done and was curious if the variation in draw would affect the ability to pick out flavors and such. Good work sir!

    • Thanks Matt I was happy to do this and have to say thought what I got would be the only change but it was fun.

  2. I typically use a straight cut but occasionally a punch. When I do use the punch I usually punch it a couple of times to make a bigger circle for a better draw. That defeats the purpose anyway, so why use the punch, right? I like a little bit of a looser draw and it sounds like the v-cut digs deeper. I will have to invest in a v-cut and give it a try. Thanks for the review Mike.

    • John I usually prefer the straight cut but since I got the new Xikar V Cut its my go too. Glad you liked review.

  3. Kyle Chapman Says:

    the title reminds me of 2 girls 1 cup. Nice video . Interesting concept.

    I’ve used all the kinds of cut, but usually go w/ xicar straight.

    Another interesting concept is variations of flavor/strength between different sizes of cigars. i’ve always heard robusto is best for judging/tasting cigars because of the ratio of filler/binder, but it is a interesting conversation to have. maybe for a future episode. Probably comes down to preference, but as does it all!

    • Thats one crazy video u refer too, let’s get that image out of my head. Thanks for all the support.

  4. That was like watching an episode of Mythbusters, great job Mike, interesting and fun to watch. And sounds like it would be fun to do as well.

  5. bigmike Says:

    Great idea, I always use a straight cut but after seeing the vid Im going to invest in a v-cut. Thanks for the doing all the work Mike. And nice Matt.

  6. Great idea. I was even more excited to learn that you were using the AB Harvest Habano. I too have a box hanging out and this is my go to daily smoke when I’m looking for a stick that won’t let me down and leave me some lunch money. I’m what you would call an Alec Bradley whore. I love both the Tempus and Prensado but if ya don’t want to break the bank ya can’t be smoking them all day every day! Like you said, good smoke and at 3 bucks a stick ya really can’t go wrong. ( I continue to stalk CBid for the Xikar V-cut but lose out every time!) Keep the reviews coming Mike!

    • Trav the AB Harvest is a really good and very inexpensive smoke. Like u one that I really enjoy. Hang in there u will get that cutter.

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