Diamond Crown Julius Caeser

Today I have for you a treat of sort. As I look thru the sites I tend to pay attention to and like I come to notice not many have reviewed this cigar. So I decide to take you on a little journey with me and take along the Diamond Crown Julius Caeser from J.C. Newman.

This cigar has a Havana seed wrapper and a binder and filler composed of tobacco from Central America. The cigar was made in honor of the Newman’s founder J.C Newman. Take a look and see what my thought’s were on this $17.00 stick. All hail Caeser lol.

8 Responses to “Diamond Crown Julius Caeser”

  1. Great review. As a fellow New Yorker, I’d have to agree with the price being a bit much.

  2. Hey Mike, Looks like ya brought back some of the sun shine and greenery to NY. Nice review bro.

  3. I am sure that it is a good cigar. The only Diamond Crown that I have had the opportunity to smoke is the Diamond Crown Connecticut. For a mild to medium cigar it was fantastic. Cool v-cut on the torpedo. Is that the Xikar? F’ing taxes. Thanks for the review.

    • John its the new Xikar v cut you have to get one. I love that cut and it shows you can use on any cigar shape.

  4. bigmike Says:

    Nice review and I picked up that Xikar v-cut and love it. Great cutter.

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