E.P. Carrillo New Wave

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Dominican Republic, Nicaragua

Wrapper: Ecuador

Vitola: Divinos (6 x 52)

Body: Mild to Medium

Pre Light

The cigar I will be coming from Ernesto Perez Carrillo who has been on a roll since launching his own brand after leaving La Gloria Cubana years ago. This Connecticut wrapped cigar is very fragile with a thin and sensitive wrapper. The veins on the wrapper are minimal and have an even color throughout. The aroma and the wrapper is of a very strong barnyard smell. The triple cap has been nicely applied and is very easily removed. The draw is very free with flavors of nuts and hints of wood on the cold draw.

1st Third

The initial draws give off a little spice with notes of nuts and cream. The smoke is very creamy and thick. Grey ash seems to hold onto this cigar like it doesn’t want to let go. The burn is very even and is nice and cool. As you reach the end of the first third you start to pick up notes of coffee.

2nd Third

The burn has been perfect on each one of these I have smoked and is doing the same with this cigar. The ash is still holding on and I have to push it against the side of the ashtray to get it off. The flavors have remained the same with the nuts and coffee with a creamy aftertaste on you palette.

Final Third

This cigar is not very complex in the least bit but the flavors are very good. The flavors have the stayed the same throughout the cigar. The construction on each one has been perfect and never got bitter or harsh at the end. It was very different than most of the Connecticut wrapped cigars out on the market these days and are definitely worth picking up.

4 Responses to “E.P. Carrillo New Wave”

  1. Hearing good things about this smoke. Looking forward to try. Good review.

  2. I usually dont care for connies but this has become one of my favorite smokes lately.So much that I bought a couple of boxes.They are well worth the price and i would recommend trying some.Nice review Mike.

  3. Hmmm you convinced me Rob… I will give em a try next time I get my hands around them. Well done

  4. Great job on the pics rob, I’ve heard good things about this smoke but have yet to come across them. Sounds like this smoke is right up my alley, keep up the good work.

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