Trinidad Cuban

Today I get to give you a first impressions of the Trinidad Cuban. I was gifted this cigar by a viewer of my site Bigmike. I dont have much info on this cigar except its a 6 1/8×50 robusto extra. Of course it’s produced in Habana, Cuba. Well let’s see my thought’s on the Trinidad Cuban and if it matches up to the cigars today being produced in other countries.

9 Responses to “Trinidad Cuban”

  1. That intro was awesome! The honesty is why I keep coming back.
    I must pick up one of those V cutters, looks slick.

    • Thanks I am glad u liked the intro, thought I try something different. You will get nothin less then my honest opinion you can count on that.

  2. Nice review Mikey. It’s about time u stepped it up lol. Really like the intro!!! Do u think this cigar would go well with some Arby’s?

  3. Finally! J/k, glad to see the review and love the intro btw. Good cigar, very pricey mainly because of coming from Cuba and also because of limited quantities. Glad you got to it and keep up the great site.

  4. Nice job Sir…finally you review a cigar I wouldn’t mind smoking! Cheers.

  5. YoungBuck Says:

    intro kicked ass mike, really really good

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