Falto Mentor A Quick Look.

Thanks to Tom over at http://www.tomscigars.com I am bringing you the Falto Mentor. This cigar was created by Luis Falto in honor of his mentor Manual Inoa the master blender of La Aurora. The Falto Mentor has a Habana Vuelta Arriba wrapper and a dual binder of Sumatra and Cameroon. The filler is composed of Dominican,Brazilian and Nicaraguan tobacco. I also want to thank tom for letting me use the box picture. this is a quick video and hope you like the first HD video on my Iphone4.

11 Responses to “Falto Mentor A Quick Look.”

  1. Well done Mike, I never had one of these Falto’s but you never know one day maybe I will.
    Wow,the quality of the pic and sound of the video is beyond great. You just need a tripod my friend… LOL

  2. You’re getting sloppy! lol not bringing out all the equipment… shame on you haha jk good review mike

  3. Great review mike sounds like something i would like. I like alot of simple smokes if its the flavors i like and if its strong even better!

  4. Nice review Mike haven’t seen them in stores but I’ll b keeping an eye out. iPhone video looked good

  5. abraxas828282 Says:

    Wow, the iphone worked great! Another great review Mike.

  6. Quality of IPhone is great. Place it on something stable and you can forget about any fancy equipment. Sounds like a good smoke.

    • Yeah a tripod would be nice but I think I am going to use when I need a quick cigar review, lol hint hint stay tuned.

  7. Thanks for the great review.

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