Cusano – 59 Rare Cameroon

Size: 5 x 50

Wrapper: Cameroon

Binder: Dominican

Filler: Dominican

Made in: Dominican Republic

Strength: Medium+

Price: $6

Source: Self purchased

Cusano is definitely not a new brand in the cigar industry but it is in my vocabulary. I picked up a 5er that the brand was promoting about a year ago after I got tired hearing from couple friends how good these sticks are. Some of their most well known lines are the 18 years aged, which I tried right after I bought the pack and liked a lot, the LXI that I’m still resting in the humi and finally the 59 Rare Cameroon which is the one up for review.

The ring catches my attention immediately, probably cause it has the colors that I prefer to see in cigar bands. I’m wondering why they replaced it with that ugly light blue. In a closer look I see why. It’s like a color photocopy. On the other hand, the dark brown wrapper is nice no large veins and other blemishes. It’s well packed with tobacco, no soft spots are detected when I press with my fingers. The aroma coming from the wrapper is cedar and tobacco. From the foot I get a sweet smell of cocoa. The cold draw is earthy and a bit tight.  It fires up easily and the start… is impressive. It starts off in medium body with the zest of red pepper and rich coffee flavors. On the second third the stogie becomes sweeter, the spice cuts down and the cigar becomes milder. A deep chocolate flavor is the dominant flavor with a leathery aftertaste. At the final third, the 59 becomes pretty spicy again, in fact I can feel a tingling sensation on my tongue. Before it ends up in ashes, the cigar gives me pleasant notes of cedar and cinnamon. It was a fast burning cigar but in these 40 minutes the stick was burning like a champ. Only on the 2/3 became a little wavy but nothing to worry about. A lot of thick white smoke, and a light grey ash that was holding good. So good that it only dropped once around the mid-point of the smoke. The price point is not bad even if it’s quicky.

I think I’m starting to like Cusano. I liked the 18 years aged, and I like the 59 Rare Cameroon even more. The only disappointment honestly was the band and I wish I could say that I like the new one better, but at the end of the day who cares? I would definitely recommend it – and if you can find it for cheaper, it’s going to be a winner.


3 Responses to “Cusano – 59 Rare Cameroon”

  1. Gus love the pics my man. I for one am not a huge Cusano fan but this one I may have to try. Great job.

    • Thanks Mike. To be honest, I always used to by-pass this brand until couple buddies sparked my interest. So far so good…

  2. Haven’t had much experience with Cusano either bit I definitely need to get on the ball. Good work gus

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