Panacea White Corojo

Don’t forget to Smoke a JJ for JJ today in memory of Jerry Cruz son over at Stogie Review.

I’m smoking another Boutique blend today that I was gifted by Brett the rep for Panacea. It’s the Panacea White Corojo size 6 1/2×54 aka Hinch Pin. This cigar has a Dominican Seco and Nicaraguan Ligero with a cuban seed binder. I will admit I am not a corojo fan but without giving the review away, my mind has changed. Take a look and see my thoughts on the Panacea White Corojo.

3 Responses to “Panacea White Corojo”

  1. abraxas828282 Says:

    Great review once again Mike. I have seen these around but never tried one. I to am not a huge Corojo fan but I will try one of these the next time I see them. What is up with the plane? Maybe you have someone with a high amount of electricity usage (grow light) in your area. Or maybe it’s fans of your show flying over to get a view of the elusive Mike Hogman21.

  2. Thanks Abraxas nice to see you always supporting us. I agree this smoke changed my mind really good stick.

  3. Thats a cute pink phone cover ;) lol nice review

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