Tatuaje Verocu No 5 + GIVEAWAY!!!

Filler: Nicaraguan

Binder: Nicaraguan

Wrapper: Nicaraguan

Size: 4×40

Today I’m bringing you my go to short smoke when time isn’t really available. This week has been rough with everyday being over 100 degrees and it hitting 117 and 110 on Friday and Saturday. With me having to smoke outdoors it wasn’t really ideal to sit outside for long periods of time. I was sent a few of these cigars by Tony Casas a few months back and quickly became addicted to them. These cigar is easily an everyday go to smoke considering that they are right around $4 a stick and a cabinet of 50 costs just under $200. They usually take around 45 mins to an hour to smoke and are far worth the money spent of them. These cigars are made in Don Pepin’s  My Father Factory and are a member of the Havana XI line.

Pre Light

The wrapper of the Verocu is a dark brown with very minimal veins running through it. It has a classic Cuban triple cap as do most Tatuaje products with Pete Johnson being a lover of the classic Cuban style. The aroma off the cold wrapper is of a very sweet barnyard. The cap comes off very easily and the draw is perfect.


With the size of this cigar being kind of on the small size I’m not going to break this one up into thirds. When you light up the Verocu you are immediately hit in the face with that Pepin pepper but it’s not overwhelming. In the background you are met with some nice sweet chocolate notes along with some wood flavors. The flavors in this tiny cigar are very strong and delicious throughout. The spice dies out but is the ramped back up as you reach towards the 3 inch mark.


It is safe to say that these cigars have become my favorite quick smoke cigar and are well worth the minimal price that they are sold for. This tiny cigar is packed with flavors. Putting off tons of smoke and are very well constructed. You definitely need to get your hands on these and with that being said if you leave a comment and let me know what your favorite quick smoke is I will randomly pick someone and send you a 10 pack. So let’s see those comments!

46 Responses to “Tatuaje Verocu No 5 + GIVEAWAY!!!”

  1. Sounds like a stick i’d really dig. My favorite quick smoke at the moment is the Berger & Argenti Mooch.

  2. Nice review bro, I’ll defiantly have to try these sometime.

  3. Lloyd L. Says:

    I would go with the Jesus Fuego Origens Original. Nice and flavorful and about 45 minutes of smoking pleasure. I’d like to see how the Verocu compares to the Origen.

  4. i find the the liga pravada “dirty rat” is a fantastic short smoke. maybe its just short for me because im a fast smoker. it takes me roughly 45 mins to an hour to smoke this powerhouse of a corona. it has the bold nicaraguan taste with a great peppery punch. such an awesome stick. easily one of my top three cigars now

  5. sounds like a good smoke, i’ve been wanting to give these a try, where did you end up finding them? My favorite short smokes are either the El Perrito (which I need to get in the mail to you) and the tobacos baez sf robusto, it’s a bit of a quick burner due to the short filler but good flavor takes about an hour max to smoke. Keep up the good work Rob!

  6. Good reviewHaven’t tried these yet but they sound like my kind of smoke. My fav quick smoke is the le bijou. 1922.

  7. Totally agree with you on this stick. I still haven’t tried the tat petit reserva that came out at the same time, although I know some people swear by them.

  8. abraxas828282 Says:

    Great review! My commute to work is 45 min each way. I have been looking for a good 45 min. smoke that is soft on the wallet. This sounds great. I know it is going to sound bad but I normally take one of my everyday 5 Vegas “A” robusto’s and cut an inch or so off it. Ouch!

  9. The flavors you are describing are the same that I get in the Havana VI nobbles (robusto) which I always have in stock for those winter days. For under $4/stick I think I might have to switch to Verocu. Nice job bro

  10. Glad you enjoyed them bro. These damn sticks are addicting.

  11. kekoa kai Says:

    Over the last few weeks, my favorite stick is the Leon Jimenes 300 series – very nice.

  12. TriMarkC Says:

    I like the CAO Brazilia Piranha and the CAO Italia Novella (both 4.5×46) are my go to short smokes.

  13. Nice review man, smoked one of these saturday night. Favorite quick smoke as of recently is def the Tat Petite Black Lancero. I may bite the bullet and just buy a box.

  14. chrisbotl Says:

    Good review Haven’t tried these yet but they sound like my kind of smoke. My fav quick smoke is the le bijou. 1922.

  15. Great review! This had been one that I have wanted to try for some time. Right now my go to stick is the CroMagnon Mandible. I am not usually a fan of such large ring gauge smokes but this is one exception.

  16. i would love to try some of these!!! my go to smoke is a cao goold bantham. Fooozer69

  17. Jon Siddle Says:

    The Fuente Short Story has been a favorite in my house for a quick smoke by both my wife and I.

  18. Room101 Ltd. Edition conjura. Great short smoke ar 4×46.

  19. Nice review! I’ve enjoyed these but I think my favorite quick smokes are the CAO La Travita Ninfa or LFD Daiquiri.

  20. TravisC Says:

    Love to give these a try. The short story has been my go-to short smoke for a while now.

  21. cigarjockey Says:

    I love small sticks. You can have 6×60, give me a 5×42 anyday. My favorite quick smoke right now is a Cain Daytona 543

  22. Phillschamps Says:

    I gotta try these!! My favorite quick smoke is the la riqueza lonsdale. Great reviews!

  23. Good review. I’ll have to pick a few of these up. My favorite short smoke is the JC Newman Brick House Robusto. It’s a great smoke at a great price.

  24. Swede214 Says:

    Hello Mike, nice review, sounds like you really like these, my liking is the Jesus Fuego Origens. Again thanks for your contest.

  25. Just got in a box of Tat petit reserva.I will let them rest a little but so far I have to go with the Short Story.

  26. Nick Powell Says:

    Right now it’s between the Tatuaje petite cazadores, Partagas shorts (CC) and Trinidad Reyes (CC). But have heard such good things about the #5 it’s time to try them.

  27. scott heiser Says:

    for me, the cromagnon knuckle draggwr is my fave quick smoke!!

  28. Lately I have been enjoying the Oliva Connecticut reserve petit corona, cheap and tasty

  29. Jared U. Says:

    the Punch Grand Puro Santa Rita size (4.5″ x 52) has always been a quick, tasty, go-to smoke. I’ve always found this line totally underrated.

  30. Sold. I’ve been eyeing these for some time now.

  31. George B Says:

    Just smoked my second one tonight, great quick smoke. Gonna have get more!

  32. A Party short for me. Cheers.

  33. “Great review! Pete’s Tatuaje cigars are great cigars … I can’t afford them too often, but I love em.  For my short cigar go-to, I tend to go for the CAO Italia Novella or the CAO Brazilia Cariocas – both great flavor.
    ‘TriMarkC’ “

  34. Lately it’s been the Camacho Connecticut Monarch size for me.

  35. Juan Sanchez Says:

    Definitely a vivid description on a pretty good smoke, I haven’t had one in a while and when I read this, it brought me back to the time I had it. Good stuff, keep up the good work!

  36. Great Review I would love to try these little guys I have been looking for a quick smoke, my favorite at the moment is the Jesus Feugo Original Origins in the Paper pack great 40 min smoke

  37. Thanks for the review. oliva serie G robusto.

  38. Jeffrey Kim Says:

    Awesome review. My favorite quick smoke has to be the Tatuaje Havana VI Nobles, or the Gran Habano Vintage 2002 Robusto.

  39. Bolivar PC

  40. Thanks for the review Rob. So many to choose from but I really like the Jesus Fuego Origens Originals as my quick smoke. Just fantastic flavor on those small sticks.

  41. Mike,

    I have a couple that include Rocky Patel Conn, PD short story, and the Frank Vincent that is no longer being made.

  42. My all time favorite small smoke is the Partagas Shorts.

  43. Sigar2savor Says:

    You have my mouth watering and my nose paying attention!
    My favorite short is either a Winston Churchill Spitfire, j. Feugo Origin, or Ashton VSG Tres Mystic, or Padron 1964 Principe Maduro. If you have something of this caliber and the size you describe…bring it on big Mike! I want to feel the heat for this short savory smoke.

  44. I’m a new fan to Tatuaje. This sounds like exactly what I need for those days when the wife won’t let me smoke a full sized one.

  45. Man I have to try these out, everyone seems to be talking about Tatuaje. Im still stuck on the MOW Puro Authentico.

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