Oliva G + A Give Away!!!

This week we look into the Oliva G series AND A GIVE AWAY!!! This cigar was gifted to me by East Coast Cigar co. I really enjoyed it, lets see what you guys think!

25 Responses to “Oliva G + A Give Away!!!”

  1. Just wanted to say good review young one. Love those Oliva G’s, especially the maduro. Good luck with the contest all.

  2. hogman21 Says:

    Youngbuck nice review only issue you pronounce the name Oliva not Olivia but hey who am I to say anything i cant pronounce shit. Good review great cigar and dont worry what you dont get focus on what you do, remember its your opinion. Love the way you took control of how you were doing the video. At a boy.

    • I was gonna write that :)

      the speaking in rhyme (cant call rap, music) sux at the beginning but a decent review with some awesome echo effect =)

      Whip these noobs Mike muahahahahaha

  3. Lloyd L. Says:

    I love the Oliva Serie G. It will always have a space in my humidor.

  4. I really enjoyed background history. Great job, keep up the good work.

  5. Nice Review Young Buck, I love Oliva Products

  6. I’ve burned myself out of those Where’s Waldo things as a kid. Either way, good review man. Good luck on the give away!

  7. love the serie g ,

  8. all right guys… now someone has to win this lighter! haha if ya dont looks like i get a nice new lighter!

  9. Nice job – Serie G Churchill is my “go-to” cigar. Love ‘em!

  10. Swede214 Says:

    !st. half: door was closed, hat on, 2nd half: door opened, hat off, dark outside. I like the G CHURCHILL. Thanks for the contest.

  11. Oh-Lee-Va …..just joking with ya. I love these cigars, as I do most Oliva cigars. I think in general the company offers cigars that are very reasonably priced with good flavor. Nice review!

  12. 1. garage door closed
    2. had a hat on
    then in second half
    3.garage door was open
    4. no hat on
    5. it was dark outside
    Send me my lighter…lol….nice review young brother…keep up the good work….O LEE Vaaa..lol just fuckin witchya

  13. mike zampini Says:

    hey buckie, nice review on the Oliva. That’s my go to golfing cigar. So easy to hold.
    Keep it up.

  14. Nice review.Hope there is more to come.

  15. I’m not entering the contest but I liked the review as always. Keep it up. Remember… Haters will come and go. It is a compliment when someone wastes their hate on you. Then you know you’ve made it!

  16. “Get used to halves, if you don’t like it go somewhere else” rofl. Good review buck. I’ve only smoked a handful of Olivas and enjoyed them all.

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