Partagas De Luxe Cuban

Today I have for you a treat I was gifted by my girlfriends boss (Tom). it’s the Partagas De Luxe Cuban. This cigar is a 5.5×40 smoke with of course Cuban tobacco. This cigar comes in a box of 25 at a price point of $139.00 It’s a medium to full body smoke. Let’s see what I thought of the Partagas De Luxe.

16 Responses to “Partagas De Luxe Cuban”

  1. Mike once again, awesome job. Thanks much for your kind words. It’s a pleasure to be part of Now about the Partagas De Whatever… I got a while back a 5er and I have to say that the construction of these stogies doesn’t comply with the name of this brand. Also the draw in the two out of the five sticks was BAD and had to throw em away (In smaller gauge cubans I get many times tight draw). The other 3 were enjoyable and had nice coffee, wood and floral flavors.

  2. WOW Barry Mannilow…thats all I could say about that. Excellent review as usual way to “hit it out of the park” Red Sox style…Sound quality is very good… LOL vegtable. Great info keep the great reviews coming

  3. Nice Review Mike I have made your site one of my daily sites to check out for Stick information thanks for turning me on to it. Keep up the good work.

  4. Quality looks good. Thanks for the review. Gotta get me a Cuban one day.

  5. Swede214 Says:

    Hello Mike, got a reply from youngbuckboltl on 7/27/11 6:30 pm, send to check my email, have not seen any thing yet. Thanks, Swede

  6. abraxas828282 Says:

    Great review Mike keep em’ comin’. Heading out for NY tomorrow morning. Don’t have a smart phone but will see you Thursday.

  7. As always an enjoyable review. Barry Maniblow holy shit.

  8. Nice review Mike. On an iPhone, wow.

  9. general_griff Says:

    well done as always sir. sorry it took so long i only crack open the laptop once or twice a week. thanks for the kind words. ARBYS

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