Berger&Argenti Entubar

For your viewing pleasure, today I take a look at the Berger&Argenti Entubar. This cigar has a maduro sungrown wrapper that is soaked in oak barrels since 2002. It has a  filler of Dominican and Nicaraguan tobacco and a binder from Nicaragua. This cigar is rolled in a very special way and takes lot’s of skill and effort. The Berger&Argenti Entubar has a very wild-looking foot as you can see in the pictures in the video. So take a look at the video and see what I think of the Berger&Argenti Entubar.

16 Responses to “Berger&Argenti Entubar”

  1. good review bro, how is the toof lol

  2. The unique Berger&Argenti Entubar is a very good cigar. Thanks for the review Mike. Try thier Mooch maduro which is also very good, with a lower price range.

    • Hey John how’s it going? I have tried the mooch not really crazy about it. Thanks fir the support my man.

  3. Mike, thank you for your kind words. We’re quite proud of the ENTUBAR brand as it took us four painstaking years to bring to market. The ‘nipple’ you refer to in your video is a ‘channel of ligero’ that extends the entire length of the barrel of the cigar. Also, you were correct the first time – the cigar you reviewed has an Ecuadorian Connecticut-seed ‘Desflorado’ wrapper. It may be easily mistaken as a maduro, however, as it it stalk-cut and cured – which lends a much darker appearance and an entirely new dimension of flavor to a Connecticut-seed wrapper.

    Thank you again for your kind sentiments and best of luck on your continued development of your outstanding blog.

    Best regards,

    Albert J. Argenti
    Berger & Argenti Premium Cigars

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to check out our site and leave a comment. I thought it was Connecticut but the wrapper through me off and thanks for informing me of the aka nipple lol. Keep up the great smokes

  4. Very cool review mike, I like your intros, and your show last night on 411 was awesome keep up the good work!!!

    • Thanks I try to mix it up a little bit. I appreciate u taking time out of your day to leave a comment and support us.

  5. Great review as usual Michael. As a matter of fact I just bought a few of those myself last week from my home B&M, and are resting in my humi right now. Not a big seller my the looks of it cuz I bought the first ones outta of the box. I’m looknig foward to smoking it even if my fellow BOTL here in Centeral Ct. aren’t.

    mikesstogies and Stogie 411 kicks ass

    Later Bro
    Mike D.

    • Mike thanks my man for everything. We try our best to give honest reviews and great quality on both sites.

  6. abraxas828282 Says:

    Great review as usual. Nice nipple on that thing! Always been a big nipple fan. Keep it up brother.

  7. Hi Mike, hope your mouth feels better, hate to have to ”do” the dentist thing, any way, interesting cigar,not sure that I’m going to try it, just a little to much for me. Again, good show on ”411”.

  8. general_griff Says:

    very nice review mike. i’ve never had any berger argenti products but i’m definitely gonna have to hunt some down.

  9. Mike the Entubar is a damn fine smoke, I’ve only smoked this once but really dug it. keep up the good work and I appreciate you resisting the urge to tweak the nipple.

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