A. Fuente King B

Well it’s been sometime since I smoked the A. Fuente King B so, let’s dive right in. The A. Fuente King B Has a Ecudorian Sungrown Rosado wrapper with Dominican filler and binder. This size cigar was named after a favorite meeting spot in Tampa of his grandfather, Arturo Fuente. Well enough of the facts let’s see what I think of the A. Fuente King B.

5 Responses to “A. Fuente King B”

  1. Mike – thanks for the review. I agree, it is a good smoke. I had one just last week and it was solid. I’m glad you moved to another spot in the last part of the video. The wind did a job on the mic in the first half.

    • John it’s tough sometimes getting these reviews done the pain I go thu for u lol. As always glad you liked the review my friend.

  2. abraxas828282 Says:

    Another stellar review from the Hogman. I have had several of these and I agree. This is a medium, solid, classic Fuente that you could smoke any time of the day and have a nice relaxing experience. Sorry you got rained on buddy.

  3. Great Review Mike I had one of these sticks and I sent it away in a Bomb I sent to somebody and never got to try it!!! I’ll have to take a look for one of these. Great review.

  4. Hi Mike, good job, under the conditions, the wind was really ”blowing”, at times could not here you. But as always, did a nice job. Have tried the Fuente line, have not tried this one.

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