Zino 550R

Today I do the Zino 550R. Unlike the last review I don’t get eaten by Misquotes because I have a new location!!! So be prepared to be blown away.

5 Responses to “Zino 550R”

  1. Congrats on the new gig. I agree on those sticks being nothing special. Keep up the good work guy.

  2. Great job. Your really growing into this. Love the intro and the on screen text. Btw $10 for a cigar is a lot of $$ to me so it better be DAMN good at that price. :0)

  3. my man keeping it real and honest and not afraid to tell it how it is. I have to say another great review pal and I love the intro and outro. keep up the great job.

  4. Thanks for the review YoungBuckBOTL. RichInTheKeys beat me to it – for $10 I better not get anything else but a great smoke otherwise that’s the last of that cigar. Good luck with your new job.

  5. abraxas828282 Says:

    Congrats on the job! Love the review. Your honesty while sitting in a cigar shop is awesome. Loved the “knock you on your feet” and “No shit (flavor)” remarks. LOL. I have tried this stick and agree with you 100%. Not a good stick for the price.

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