Saint Luis Rey Regios

Size: 5×48

Wrapper: Cuba

Binder: Cuba

Filler: Cuba

Pre Light

I’m sorry if this seemed a little rushed but I usually do my reviews on my only day off which is Sunday and we had this little storm come through this weekend named Irene, you might have heard of it. It was a little rough smoking a cigar in 40 mile an hour winds but I did it for you. The aroma I picked up off the wrapper was a sweet barnyard along with the aroma off the foot. It of course had a traditional triple cap and was packed very generously from head to foot. The wrapper had a few predominant veins but nothing too bad.

1st Third

This cigar has started off with a very sweet coffee flavor along with some cinnamon.  The ash seems to hold on quite long even with the wind and I haven’t had any problems with the burn line so far except for a little waviness.

2nd Third

As I reach the halfway point of this cigar along with the sweetness I am met with a dry wood flavor that makes you want to reach for your favorite beverage. The cigar doesn’t seem to put out a lot of smoke even though I haven’t had any burn issues throughout.

Final Third

The sweetness in this cigar was the mainstay throughout the whole experience. The woody flavors were a nice contrast to the sweetness of the cigar. The band seemed to be applied with a little too much glue and was a real pain in the ass to remove even though it didn’t damage the wrapper.


With the winds being what they were I thought I was gonna have major burn issues and to my surprise didn’t have a single one. The favors were very good and complimented each other nicely. The ash held on for a lot longer than I thought. I was given these cigars from a retailer at my local B&M and I think I am definitely considering ordering some.

Keep em burnin’


3 Responses to “Saint Luis Rey Regios”

  1. We really appreciate you taking your only day off to smoke cubans and then tell us about them. You do have it ruff!!! hahaha Great Review thanks again

  2. abraxas828282 Says:

    Enjoyed the review Griff. I have been smoking cigars for over 20 years and I have lived in 6 different countries but I have never smoked a Cuban. I have just never had the desire. This one sounds pretty good though.

  3. Thanks for risking your life to get us this review. #RedSoxNation

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