Padilla La Terraza Capa Maduro 2010

Well I continue my journey with the Padilla La Terraza series, this time the Capa Maduro 2010. This cigar just like the Padilla La Terraza Capa Habano is a Nicaraguan puro with a different wrapper that is Maduro. Price point for this one was $5.50-6.25. I have to admit without giving away the review these two smokes surprised me. Let’s see what I thought of the Padilla La Terraza Capa Maduro 2010 compared to the Padilla La TerrazaCapa Habano 2010.

Well it appears I screwed up again folks very sorry the audio kicks off at last segment. once again never rush to shoot videos just so you know I enjoyed this smoke and have to say neither in my opinion was better but I did enoy the cherry notes on the habano.

9 Responses to “Padilla La Terraza Capa Maduro 2010”

  1. What happened to your reviews ? Are we to expect bad volume, only 3/4 sound on video, and cut screen ? You really let me down on your past few reviews.

    • Mike as I said earlier sorry bout the sound I tried to rush since I was in the middle if moving and had no way to fix. As for the audio it was two videos out of hundreds. I appreciate your opinion and will be back on track very soon. Thanks for the support.

  2. abraxas828282 Says:

    Thanx for the review Mike. Sorry about the sound at the end. No problem man. I think I am gonna get these two sticks and smoke them back to back to taste the change in the wrapper. Whew! almost said something about in my mouth. lol

  3. Ah bummer about the sound. It happens I can relate. We appreciate your efforts to get a cache of reviews while you are away moving. Most review sites would just sit dormant without explanation. Don’t mind the haters. Shit happens.

    • Tom you r correct haters will hate lol. Thought it was funny his first comment on my site was negative but he is entitle to his opinion.

  4. I got the message about these cigars. Sounds like something to keep an eye out for. Thanks for the review and dedication. Good luck with the rest of the move.

  5. Nice review up to the audio drop off, but you could already tell where it was going anyway. Interesting that Tony felt that it was a strong, full bodied smoke when he did his blind review of it. Thanks for the honest effort.

    • Thanks JJ hey I will admit I will not rush to get reviews done and move at the same time I apoligize but better then not putting anything up lol. hey this shows that everyone has different taste and strengths. Thanks for the support.

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