EP Carrillo Encantos

Best review yet, also longest, and funniest. Be prepared to be blown away… The EP Carrillo Encantos Maduro 50×4 7/8

4 Responses to “EP Carrillo Encantos”

  1. Uh umm uh umm uh umm. Well you only wiped your nose 3 times this review. And yeah it was the shipping couldn’t have been you cutting the cap twice. Uh umm uh umm uh umm. :-)

  2. Entertaining review young buck master, keep it up ( minus the intro music, hahaha )

  3. abraxas828282 Says:

    LMFAO. I loved this review. I think a cigar reviewing comic has been born. Keep it up brother. Can’t wait for another amazing review in two weeks!

  4. Gatorade? Young buck and his puppy need a little aging……..

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