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José L. Piedra – Brevas

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Size: 5 1/2 x 42
Shape: Corona
Origin: Cuba
Packaging: P5,B25
Handmade: Yes
Strength: Medium
Price: $2.5
Source: Self Purchased

When we think of Cuban cigars, automatically we picture perfect handmade cigars that if we are able to find them we’ll pay big bucks for them. Well, the truth is that there is always a little twist to every story. Proof of what I say is the Jose L. Piedra – Brevas.

The JLP is a stick that is as ugly as it can get. The wrapper is full of veins and discolorations and feels rough to the touch. To be more specific, in the pack of 5 that I bought there was not even one stick that looked similar to another one. When pressed is soft and I’m sure the sort fillers in it have something to do with it. It smells very Cuban like… hard to describe – sweet with a touch of citrus and little barn. The cold draw is perfect and has a fainted tobacco taste to it.

It lights up really easy and produces a good amount of smoke. Right off the bat, I get some earthy flavors with a woodsy finish. A little leather will show up and become more distinct as I’m reaching the mid-point of the this corona. Some spices will come and go but nothing big enough to make it more complex or even to break up the routine of the stogie.

It burned pretty fast; around 40-45 minute if not mistaken. The burn was quite wavy but always self corrected. The ash wouldn’t hold more than ½ inch and was becoming dust every time it was falling in the ashtray.

Here is the really good news though. All JLP’s are cheap. For the Brevas I paid just a little over $10 for the 5er and you can get them even cheaper if you buy a box of 25 (around $55). This price tag makes this Cuban cigar affordable and an everyday smoke.

Overall the Jose L. Piedra is definitely not the best Habanos. It is though, a good cigar in a great price that deserves a chance to be tried out.



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