Cohiba Siglo VI

Today I am reviewing the Cohiba Siglo VI from Habana Cuba. This cigar is 5.9×52, medium to full body with a price tag of $210.00 for box 10. This was gifted to me by Daryl and thought since I just moved into new home and got engaged I would smoke something special for you all. Hope you enjoy the review, now let’s get it started.

13 Responses to “Cohiba Siglo VI”

  1. Great review and glad your back, Congrats on the life changes man way to go, Hopefully it keeps getting better for you. I have had a couple CC in my day and nothing that blew me away and at the price point there are a lot better sticks out there. Thanks again for doing what you do. Congrats buddy

  2. hey mike great review i love your honesty you do tell it how it is. from my experiences with CC is that since there is a high demand they arent aging the tobacco in cuba compared to NC. i bought a box 2.5 yrs ago that were dull in flavor, horrible burn, and tight draw i was considering throwing them in the garbage but instead i just stuffed them in the back of the humidor sure enough i grabbed one 2 months back and WOW amazing flavor, no re-lights, and perfect draw all the way through. smoking a CC can be an amazing experience but they have to be aged 3-5 years minimum.

  3. As always a good review. I think you are spot on about the “Good earthy and bad earthy.” I’m not too big on Cohiba. I’ve had some great Cuban cigars, but Cohibas haven’t been anything special in my opinion. Either way, it was worth trying and reviewing.

  4. Nice work as always…but,

    If you want honest and unbiased opinions about Cuban cigars…don’t ask Americans!

  5. Thanks for the review Mike. This just further proves that Cuban cigars aren’t always worth pursuing, and to think that cigar is $210 for 10?!

    Congrats on the engagement too.

  6. general_griff Says:

    i have some esplendidos sitting but have never smoked the siglo series doesnt sound too promising

  7. Guys, I have to disagree. IMO The Siglo VI is not a bad stick at all… Mike, I think it deserves another try. As far as Cubans and non, don’t confuse ‘em and do not compare them…. two different “worlds”.

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