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Fuente Short Story

Posted in Cigar Reviews on September 19, 2011 by Griff

Wrapper: Cameroon

Binder: Dominican

Filler: Dominican

Size: 4 x 49

Pre Light

These little smokes have a nice chocolate colored wrapper with a very sweet aroma coming off it from head to toe. The classic Fuente red and gold band wraps the smooth wrapper. There are minimal veins and is well capped with a little nipple at the other end. With a snip of my guillotine cutter the head is opened up and has a very nice draw off the bat for being a perfecto.

1st Third

After carefully lighting the nipple the cigar lights up beautifully with very sweet earthy flavors. The burn is very straight and is burning well. The ash holds on very well even the nipple is hanging out for a while. The sweet earthy notes hold through out the first third considering it’s only a 4 inch long cigar.

2nd Third

The second third starts of right where the first third let off with the earthy sweetness but is soon met with a rich cedar flavor that pairs very well with the sweetness. The ash is still holding on and burn is pretty sharp.

Final Third

The flavor profile didn’t change her in the final inch of this smoke but I can’t complain because the flavors I did get where rich and enjoyable. The burn was good throughout the cigar and needed no touch up the whole way through. The band came off without any problems.


It seems like I keep smoking all these short quick smokes lately. The cigar may not be complex but I like the flavor profile it gives and I always keep these in a regular rotation. So get out there and get em!

Keep em Burnin’



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