The Build-Part 1 (Studio,Lounge and Humidor)

Today I decided to step away from doing a review and give you a little insight to my new home project that some of you have expressed interest in. This would be my new Studio/Lounge and Walk in Humidor. The project started about 3 1/2 weeks ago when my fiance and I purchased our new home. I worked my butt off upstairs to get the place ready and to her liking so that I may get my butt working on my projects. I took some time off from Stogie 411 and my good buddies Mike and Matt covered for me while this transition was going on. So as you can see in the video below it is still in the works with lots of different little things to be done but I am right on schedule to have things totally completed by Christmas. The Studio should be done by the time this is posted in two weeks, with the lounge done by end of October and the humidor last.  I hope you enjoy this first video of my build and please leave your comments and questions, as I will do my best to answer them. See ya soon with another review. Enjoy your Smokes.

23 Responses to “The Build-Part 1 (Studio,Lounge and Humidor)”

  1. Jakob (Jake) Says:

    Looks like a lot of hard work! Good job on everything so far, can’t wait to see the end results. May have to make a pilgrimage up from Oklahoma =)

    And, congrats on the engagement, bro!

    • Jake we’re the heck u been buddy haven’t had a comment in long time. Happy to see you back. Thanks and come on over pal.

  2. Looking good mike, looks as if a lot of hard work has gone into that…are you going to invite us all to the grand opening?


  3. Awesome dude. Looking nice. You’ve put a lot of work into this and it shows. I think your on to something by painting the humidor then using cedar shelves. A whole lot cheaper and will do the same job. Cant wait to see it done!!

  4. abraxas828282 Says:

    Looking Good! Can’t wait to see it when it is done brother!

  5. Hi Mike, wow, very nice, you will have your own ”cigar room”, I wish I was your neighbor! Looks like you thought about this project before jumping in, I’m sure it will turn out perfect. Looking forward to seeing your next update.

  6. Hi Mike, looks ”good”, I wish I lived next door. That is going to be ”very nice”, when you get it done. Looking forward to the next video.

  7. Op’s, did not think the first one went through!

  8. Wow that setup is the shit. You bastard. Screw you. I’m jealous if you haven’t noticed.

  9. Once the hate and jealousy passes I’ll be OK. You bastard. Son of a bitch bastard. Damn that will be a sweet hangout.

  10. That is truly living the dream! Can’t wait to see the finished product Mike.

  11. Very nice Mike. Great job! Looking forward to your updates.

  12. general_griff Says:

    Dude that spot is gonna be awesome hopefully i can make it up there to check out the finished product

  13. Holy sh*t brother, I’m jealous……looking awesome!!

  14. Looks fantastic… enjoy! I can’t wait to see it again when finished.

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